Selena Gomez NOT “Spiraling Again” Over Justin Bieber, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Selena Gomez Spiraling Justin Bieber

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Spiraling Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez is NOT “spiraling again” over Justin Bieber, despite a new tabloid story that falsely claims the stars recently had a secret split, with a “heartbroken” Gomez turning “to alcohol to cope.” Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

According to In Touch, Gomez and Bieber “had been sneaking around for months,” with a so-called “pal” alleging to the magazine, “Justin had secretly been hooking up with Selena since his birthday [in March]. They wanted to see if they could get back to a good place.” But In Touch writes, “They never got there. Instead, Justin moved on with 19-year-old British model Jayde Pierce, which left Selena devastated, says one of her friends — and now she’s drinking to cope.”

“He just stopped talking to her and started to have sex with Jayde,” the supposed friend claims to the tabloid. “It drove her insane. Now she just isn’t in a good place emotionally or mentally. She shows up for work and fulfills her obligations but then at night she’s partying to excess. She might be right when she says she doesn’t have a drinking problem — but she has a Justin Bieber problem that’s causing her to drink.”

Of course, Gossip Cop exclusively reported last week that Bieber and Pierce were NOT officially dating. Nevertheless, In Touch quotes it alleged source as claiming that Gomez’s “alcohol consumption has been out of control, especially in the last few weeks. She’s heading down a slippery slope where one or two drinks becomes six or seven. And it’s all because she knows her relationship with Justin is over.”

The In Touch tipster even goes as far as alleging, “An intervention is on the horizon because it really is that bad. She’s barely holding it together.” Gossip Cop wonders, however, if this is the same source that lied and told the magazine Gomez miscarried Bieber’s baby, or the one who wrongly claimed she had given him a marriage ultimatum, or the one who falsely alleged Gomez was asked to join the Comedy Central Roast earlier this year. Because In Touch’s sources know next to NOTHING about Gomez and Bieber, and this story proves they’re actually more clueless than ever.

Gomez is NOT “devastated” about the state of things with Bieber. In fact, as Gossip Cop reported, the exes were happily hanging out together on Wednesday, the SAME DAY this misinformed In Touch article hit newsstands (see photo above). Gossip Cop looked into the claims, and we exclusively learned that no one was in Gomez’s camp was even contacted for fact-checking before the tabloid ran its “meltdown” piece. Gomez may not be spiraling, but In Touch definitely is.


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