Selena Gomez “SNL” Video: Watch Promos With Ronda Rousey And Cecily Strong

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Selena Gomez SNL Promos Video

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez SNL Promos Video


Selena Gomez and Ronda Rousey star in new promos teasing their “SNL” debut. Watch below!

Rousey will host this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” while Gomez is the musical guest. It will mark the first time either star will get to hold the prime gigs. And in one of the previews, “SNL” regular Cecily Strong is all about the “girl power”… at least at first.

“Three strong, independent women on the stage together,” announces Strong. Gomez chimes in, “Yeah, it feels so good!” Strong then suddenly changes course: “Hey, you guys wanna call boys?!” And you better believe they do!

In a second commercial, Strong tries confuse Rousey with her supposed resemblance to Gomez. “Ronda, I bet you can’t tell who’s who,” Strong teases. Rousey may be blonde, but she’s certainly not dumb. Gomez amusingly whines, “Ugh, Cecily, it’s not gonna work!”

So, what can fans actually expect this weekend? Well, it seems a safe bet that Rousey will self-deprecatingly mock her loss to Holly Holm. Gomez should be taking the stage for at least two songs. And fingers crossed for Tina Fey returning to do her Sarah Palin impersonation, given this week’s Donald Trump endorsement. Whatever goes down, Gossip Cop will have full coverage, as always. Check out the teasers below!


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