Selena Gomez “Snaps At Fan” Claim NOT True (VIDEO)

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Selena Gomez Snap Fan Video

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Snap Fan Video

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Selena Gomez did NOT “snap” at a “fan,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Star announces in a headline on Monday, “‘GET AWAY FROM ME!’ Selena Gomez Snaps At Fan Amid Justin Bieber Feud.” That sure implies the singer blasted an innocent supporter, and even suggests Gomez was motivated by her Instagram fight with Bieber. The accompanying story similarly asks, “Is Selena Gomez taking her frustrations out on fans?”

The tabloid goes on to write on its website, “Amid her ongoing war with Justin Bieber, the pop princess snapped at an autograph collector during a walk through LAX on August 15.” Wait. Was this a “fan” or an “autograph collector”?

Well, the paparazzi video included in the article actually tells all… and disproves the magazine’s claims. Gomez is seen exiting the Los Angeles International Airport as photographers surround her, snapping away. And the “fan” in question isn’t a fan at all.

It’s a professional autograph hound, one of the people that waits for celebrity arrivals at LAX in hopes of getting them to autograph memorabilia, so they can then sell the signed merchandise and make a profit. THAT is who Gomez said no to, and she did so after the guy repeatedly invaded her personal space. Furthermore, far from “snapping” at him, she was actually polite and said “please.”

Gossip Cop is including the footage below so readers can see for themselves how Star clearly misrepresented what went down. The outlet chose to twist the uneventful interaction into a sensational story. The publication’s site pulled the same move on Friday, falsely claiming Taylor Swift had a wardrobe malfunction when the video showed anything but. It’s all deceptive and misleading clickbait, plain and simple.


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