Selena Gomez Taking Shirt Off During Pilates Class To Impress Guys?

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Selena Gomez Pilates

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Pilates

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Did Selena Gomez take her shirt off during a pilates class? A tabloid is claiming she stripped down in front of other people. But Gossip Cop can bust the salacious tale.

Ever since Gomez was first spotted at Hot Pilates in West Hollywood back in January, Star has been making up stories about the singer’s hobby. First, the tabloid peddled lies about Justin Bieber being desperate to smoke as they took a class together, to the point where he supposedly hung his head outside a window to have a cigarette. Upon investigating, Gossip Cop learned that the facility didn’t even have a window from which Bieber could hang.

Then in February, we called out the gossip magazine for ridiculously claiming Gomez was using the pilates class as a place for “sexy dates” with her on-and-off beau. That story was filled with holes, and among the unanswered questions it sparked was why the singer-actress would need to use a pilates studio for a private date with Bieber. Obviously, they could just as easily get sweaty together at either of their homes.

Now in March, the outlet is continuing to peddle pilates-related nonsense. This new piece begins by wondering if Gomez is “going to extreme measures to get a little male attention.” It’s alleged that “spies” claims the star became “so sweaty” during a 90-degree session that she “whipped off her top in front of her mega-stunned male workout buddies,” leaving her “half naked.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Selena yanked off her drenched clothing before hitting the locker room, and seemed perfectly comfortable letting it all hang out.”

With the “shocked dudes frozen stiff,” the publication contends Gomez “rolled her eyes and muttered, ‘It’s not like it’s anything you’ve never seen before,’ [and] then sauntered off, slowly, to change.” Aside from an allusion to Gomez and Bieber being “on the rocks,” it’s not explained why Gomez would be going to “extreme measures” to get “male attention,” nor is it said why she thought taking off her top would help if it was nothing the guys hadn’t “seen before.”

It’s also curious that none of Gomez’s purported “male workout buddies” are named. Most telling, though, is that no date is given for this supposedly steamy incident. Gomez spent a chunk of March in Texas, and, as seen on Gomez’s Instagram, she was in Australia this week. Though briefly in Los Angeles in between those two trips, Gomez hasn’t been photographed at Hot Pilates since February 28. Now nearly a month later, Star is claiming to have “spies” sharing how she “steam[ed] up” a class.

This would seem far-fetched even if the tabloid didn’t already have a history of making up crazy pilates-related Gomez stories. But just like in those cases, the magazine seems just to be taking her known affinity for the workout hot spot and using it to concoct drivel. But while the outlet clearly doesn’t sweat the facts, Gossip Cop is all about truth-telling, and we’re told this stripping moment never happened.

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