Selena Gomez Did NOT Post Sexy Photo Of Herself To Make Justin Bieber Jealous, Despite Claim

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Jealous

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Jealous

(Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Selena Gomez did not release a sexy photo of herself to make Justin Bieber jealous, nor is she trying to get back at him for an alleged “Naomi Campbell hookup,” despite an entirely absurd report. Gossip Cop can confirm that these claims are not only 100 percent made up. The following story is a perfect example of why, even though WordPress is available to everyone, not everyone should be able to blog about people they know nothing about.

The wholly fictitious story is courtesy of CelebDirtyLaundry, a site that seemingly couldn’t get a story right, even if we spotted them the R, I, G, H, and even T. According to the webloid, Gomez posted a photo of herself bearing some cleavage to “rub her new relationship” with Zedd in Bieber’s face (see right). The highly unreliable blog claims that this supposed retaliatory move is because Bieber is now “hooking up” with Campbell. The webloid even asks its reader(s), “Do you think that Justin hooked up with Naomi to try and make Selena jealous?”

Let’s get a few verifiable facts out of the way. Gomez posted the photo three days ago, around the time or possibly even before pictures emerged of Bieber’s (non) “date” with Campbell. But more importantly, the picture Gomez put up on Instagram is a still from the upcoming video for her song, “I Want You To Know.” She even hashtagged it “#22,” to denote that she was promoting the video, which is stated to premiere on February 22. It has nothing to do with Bieber and everything to do with hyping her video.

Next, Bieber did not go on a date with Campbell nor are they “hooking up.” He attended her charity fashion show in New York on Saturday. A source close to Campbell even confirmed exclusively to Gossip Cop that the two are “not romantically involved.”

Basically, the two premises CDL put forth about (1) Gomez posting a photo to make Bieber “jealous” and (2) him “hooking up” with Campbell are NOT true. They are figments of the webloid’s imagination, and the entire story is fabricated.

As an aside, Gomez took a selfie with Gossip Cop at a party a few weeks ago. Was she trying to send a message to Bieber? Or was Gossip Cop trying to make Bieber “jealous”? No! Celebrities take photos for a variety of reasons, and these lesser sites have to stop taking isolated moments and try to wrongly connect them for dramatic sake. It’s not reporting. It’s not right. And it’s certainly not accurate journalism.


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