Selena Gomez “Saddened” Over Mom’s Criticism Of Justin Bieber Is Fake News

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Selena Gomez Mandy Teefey

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Mandy Teefey

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A new story about Selena Gomez being “saddened” over her mom Mandy Teefey’s criticism of Justin Bieber is not only fake news, it’s not news at all. It has been widely known for a long time that Gomez’s mother is not a fan of Bieber, but only after Gossip Cop published it’s exclusive with Teefey did people get to hear from the loving mom herself. And contrary to a new fabricated report, filled with made-up quotes, Gomez has been privy to her mother’s feelings for a long time.

The new, manufactured article is coming from HollywoodLife, a site that Gomez called “the worst” in an interview with Billboard. It’s also a blog that she told her Instagram followers is “never true. Ever.” Now that it’s established how much Gomez despises HollywoodLies, as it’s alternately known to her fans, why would anyone believe that anyone “close” to Gomez is suddenly sharing her inner feelings with them? The answer is they aren’t, and the outlet has again resorted to concocting phony stories about her.

In its latest fabricated tale, the website pretends it’s news that Teefey is “not budging when it comes to Justin.” The repeatedly discredited outlet then recaps how Teefey shared her thoughts about Gomez’s choices, including on Bieber, with Gossip Cop. Next, the blog makes believe it has a “source close” to Gomez saying, “Selena is saddened and disappointed over her mother’s recent criticism about her and her relationship with Justin.”

Of course, the outlet exposes how fake its reporting is by stating Teefey’s criticism is “recent.” It’s far from “recent.” If anything, it’s longstanding. In fact, while HollywoodLife was making up one fake news story after another about how Bieber was going to spend Thanksgiving with Gomez, Gossip Cop had it on good authority and correctly reported at the time that it was never going to happen. And it didn’t.

Gomez has long known Teefey has certain issues with Bieber. Teefey even confirmed to Gossip Cop that she has “not spoken to him in years, not even via text.” In fact, contrary to a slew of made-up articles about how Bieber reached out to Teefey when Gomez was sick, Gossip Cop was told that’s 100 percent untrue. Sources close to both young stars confirm Bieber has yet to contact Teefey since the couple last split up.

Let Gossip Cop be the first to note that Teefey appreciates “how upset Justin is about me and is willing to prove he has changed.” And while Bieber wants to prove he’s changed for Gomez’s family, we hear Teefey would have preferred to have heard it from him personally rather than reading it in the press. As we exclusively reported, Teefey loves her daughter and feels, “Selena is an adult and can make her own choices.” She just wants Gomez to be “happy, safe and healthy.” But no one is really discussing such matters with HollywoodLies.

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