Selena Gomez “Believes She Can Repair Relationship” With Mom Mandy Is Fake News Story

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Selena Gomez Mom Repair Relationship

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Mom Repair Relationship

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A certain webloid is once again spreading fake news about Selena Gomez and her mom, Mandy Teefey. According to this latest phony report, the singer-actress believes she can “repair” their relationship. While that’s a nice sentiment that isn’t all that off the mark, the problem is that no one close to Gomez really shared that with this disreputable blog. Gossip Cop can bust the made-up story.

As Gomez and Teefey have struggled with their relationship over the last few months, HollywoodLife has been pretending to have insight but none of it has been genuine and authentic. The star has made her feelings about the blog perfectly clear over the years, such as when Gomez told Billboard that the site is the “worst.” Yet the shameless outlet continually lies by claiming to have “exclusives” about her. Perhaps the online publication thinks that if its assertions sound reasonable, it can get away with it. But illegitimate is illegitimate.

And that’s the issue here. HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed, is purporting to have “exclusive details” on how Gomez has “hope that she can escape the rough patch she’s been going through with her mom.” A so-called “source close to Selena” is quoted as saying, “The relationship Selena has with her mom is very strong but strained.” Of course, that’s common knowledge at this point.

The webloid’s supposed snitch actually doesn’t offer any new, original information, and instead merely states what’s been long known: “The kidney surgery helped their relationship but Justin [Bieber] has not. They are still trying to navigate through it all but it’s a process. But with it being a process, it is a process that they both anticipate and are confidant [sic] will work out because blood is thicker than water and everything is leading to a good place.”

This isn’t a scoop. Reputable outlets have been reporting for weeks that Gomez and Teefey’s issues have little to do with Bieber. And earlier this month, Gomez changed her Instagram profile photo to an old snapshot of her mom. Obviously she is hopeful they will work through and repair any of their issues. No one directly connected to her went to HollywoodLies to actually share that, just like no one in her inner circle told the site that Gomez was “saddened” over Teefey’s recent comment to Gossip Cop about Bieber. And before, no one really told the publication about the performer wanting to “reconcile” with her mom.

None of this has been real news. It has all been concocted by HollywoodLies to exploit the situation between Gomez and her mom, and to attract clicks from interested fans. But any actual developments in their relationship won’t be revealed by the disreputable website.

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