A story asserting Selena Gomez "wants to reconcile" with her mom, but her relationship with Justin Bieber is "not up for debate" was wholly fabricated. This article was manufactured solely to capitalize on a Gossip Cop exclusive with Mandy Teefey. Now Gossip Cop can bust it.

HollywoodLife writes, "Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez's mother, finally came forward on Saturday, Jan. 13, to address the rumors of a serious falling out between her and her daughter due to her relationship with Justin Bieber, 23, — confirming that she doesn't approve. Now, thanks to our insiders, we're learning how the hitmaker is responding to her mother's public comments."

Quite frankly, this is galling. It was Gossip Cop to whom Teefey spoke about Gomez. HollywoodLies, as it's known, is now trying to piggyback off of our reporting by claiming to have "exclusive details" about the singer-actress' reaction to her mom's remarks to us. This is about exploiting the mother-daughter duo and the high interest in them right now. It is not about delivering a legitimate story with Gomez's real response. Remember, this is the webloid Gomez told Billboard is the "worst." We've been repeatedly assured by her camp that those close to her don't go sharing her intimate feelings with that blog.

But HollywoodLies is maintaining it has an "insider" saying, "Selena and her mom are still not talking as of right now, but it's getting to the point where Selena's calmed down, and she feels that enough time has passed to let bygones be bygones." This supposed source goes on to contend, "Selena and Mandy have always been super tight, and over the years they've had a number of blow-ups, but they've always managed to resolve everything after some time apart. Selena is definitely ready to build bridges with her mom again, but she's waiting for her to make the first move."

Well, it was already known that Gomez and Teefey have had issues in the past, as the producer told Gossip Cop, "Every mother and daughter has disagreements." HollywoodLies is pretending its insight came from an "insider" when its statements are either already known, like that one, or clearly untrue. Case in point: The site's alleged tipster claims the star is only now "ready to build bridges," but wants her mom to "make the first move." Yet it was Gomez who changed her Instagram profile photo to an old photo of her mother and made the first move a week ago. That wasn't a meaningless gesture. It was actually an overture.

But HollywoodLies makes no mention of it and its narrative seems to go against it. So how inside can HollywoodLies' "insider" really be? Not very at all. This is really just the outlet up to its same old tricks: It is using the work of a reputable publication to concoct a fake related story. And while we appreciate the blog acknowledging our Teefey exclusive, that does not mean it can make-up "exclusives" of its own.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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