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A story about Selena Gomez being "proud" of Justin Bieber's Grammy nominations should be filed under "made up" and "duh." The singer-actress of course couldn't be happier for her on-and-off boyfriend, but Gossip Cop is told there's nothing authentic about this purported "exclusive." This is yet another a manufactured article about the couple.

As recently announced, the "Despacito" remix featuring Bieber received three Grammy nominations. So, to capitalize on that news as well as to attract fans of the singer, HollywoodLife has a headline declaring, "Selena Gomez 'Proud' Of Justin Bieber's Grammy Noms Despite Being Snubbed For Her Own." This is where the "duh" comes in. First off, why wouldn't Gomez be proud? It's not like she would be disappointed Bieber scored nominations. Secondly, why wouldn't she be proud despite not getting any of her own nominations? It would take a really self-centered person to be unable to recognize someone's else's achievement just because you personally didn't earn the same milestone.

HollywoodLies, as it's known, is merely stating the obvious and offering conclusions that anyone could guess. Of course Gomez is proud of Bieber. Of course she's proud of him regardless of not being nominated herself. These aren't revelations. But the webloid wants readers to believe this is a genuine scoop, so it is claiming to have "EXCLUSIVELY learned" Gomez is "being quite the supportive girlfriend when it comes to cheering" on Bieber over his nods. To make it seem like this information comes courtesy of inside access, the site cites a so-called "source," who supposedly says, "Selena is super proud of Justin's Grammy nominations despite being snubbed for her own work."

Additional no-brainer comments include "Selena feels sincerely happy for Justin and is proud to be with one of the most talented men in music," and "Selena was a little sad that her songs may have not made the cut but things are bittersweet for her as she gets to share in Justin's success, she feels like he totally deserves it." But the outlet actually goes on to expose itself as source-less when it wonders, "Perhaps Selena will be sitting by Justin's side at the ceremony in Jan.?" Well, if HollywoodLies was really in-the-know, it could've just asked its purported insider about their plans attendance plans.

Gossip Cop actually expects the online publication to start making up stories on that very topic as the awards show nears. But for now, it seems the blog is just content pretending it has insight on Gomez's reaction to Bieber's nominations, even though she has previously called HollywoodLies the "worst." The webloid seems to think it can get away with manufacturing stories when the subject matter is positive. But peddling favorable assertions does not make something legitimate or acceptable, and a legitimate or acceptable article this is not.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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