Selena Gomez NOT Pregnant With Zedd’s Baby, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Selena Gomez Pregnant Zedd Baby

By Daniel Gates |

Selena Gomez Pregnant Zedd Baby

(Life & Style)

Selena Gomez is NOT pregnant. She’s NOT expecting a baby with Zedd. Life & Style made up the claim for a cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk it.

Back in November, Life & Style claimed Gomez and Justin Bieber had “baby news.” That was 100 percent false, like a lot of what Life & Style says. Now the magazine has a new spin on its old garbage.

“Weeks into her relationship with producer DJ Zedd, Selena is convinced she’s expecting his baby — and terrified of what it could mean for the recent rekindling of her troubled love with Justin Bieber,” reports the magazine. A so-called “insider” tells Life & Style, “She thinks she could be pregnant since she has gained so much weight lately and hasn’t been feeling well. She thought she had the flu at first, but she also isn’t the best at taking birth control, so she is majorly stressing.”

Oh, an “insider” who’s clueless and mean-spirited! Nice work, Life & Style! Now, is this the same source who told the tabloid Gomez was pregnant with Bieber’s baby last year because she was suffering similar symptoms? Or is this a new know-nothing?

In any case, the magazine goes on and on about Gomez’s alleged emotional struggle about being in love with Bieber while carrying Zedd’s baby. The alleged “heartbreaking drama” is fabricated from top to bottom. It’s become clear that Life & Style does not have real insiders in Gomez’s inner circle, and the quotes attributed to them are worthless. An actual Gomez insider exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “This story is trash and totally false.”


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