Selena Gomez NOT Pregnant, Despite Report Speculating Justin Bieber May Be “Dad”

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Selena Gomez Pregnant Justin Bieber Dad

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Selena Gomez Pregnant Justin Bieber Dad

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A new report on Saturday claims Justin Bieber may become a “dad.” The allegation is based on speculation Selena Gomez is pregnant. But Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm both contentions are wrong because she isn’t expecting.

In one of its characteristically sensational headlines, MediaTakeOut is exclaiming, “Justin Bieber A Dad??? Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez Is Spotted Out… And She Looks To Be Pregnant!!!” According to the site, “Rumors and blind items are in over-drive suggesting that Selena is allegedly expecting,” even though she and Bieber are “on a break.” The blog then fuels the speculation by featuring a paparazzi photo of Gomez and asking, “What do you think – is that a BABY in there???” The outlet further wonders, “Could Selena be carrying a mini Biebs?”

Well, Gossip Cop doesn’t just wonder or look to readers to provide answers. We investigate and fact-check. We’re exclusively told by an insider that Gomez is not pregnant. Our source, however, did not wish to be identified to avoid giving “attention” to the online publication, which is often dubbed MediaFakeOut for its tendency to spread bogus claims about celebrities’ personal lives. This is, after all, the same website that has falsely linked Gomez to Waka Flocka Flame and Lil Romeo (see screengrabs below).

As for the photo that the site is using to falsely allege Gomez is pregnant, it was taken on Friday as she sported a loose-fitting top. But as opposed to unjustifiably connecting the paparazzi pictures to a pregnancy, here’s how JustJared featured the same snapshots: “Selena Gomez is All Smiles While Kicking Off Her Weekend,” reads the headline of the post, which notes, “She rocked a cute plaid jacket, beige top, blue jeans, and white sneakers, completing her look with a brown Coach purse, orange-tinted shades, and silver earrings.”

Notably, nothing was said about her outfit having to do with a blossoming baby belly. It’s also worth noting that the recent bikini photos of Gomez, which led to body-shaming, didn’t indicate a baby bump. What’s unfortunate is this is not the first time in recent weeks that the gossip media has run stories about the singer-actress seemingly sporting a fuller appearance. Just days ago, Gossip Cop called out Star for absurdly asserting Gomez was gaining weight because she and Bieber split.

What these articles fail to mention is that Gomez suffers from lupus and underwent a kidney transplant last summer. Her chronic condition causes her weight to fluctuate. And after being quite skinny as she recovered from the surgery, Gomez’s size is now getting back to a healthy normal. That’s all that’s going on.



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