Selena Gomez is NOT a "pregnant bride," despite a new tabloid cover story falsely claiming she's expecting and marrying The Weeknd. Gossip Cop can debunk the report. It is 100 percent fabricated.

The new cover of Life & Style declares, "Friends Say Selena Is A... PREGNANT BRIDE!" The front of the issue further teases, "Her cravings, the baby name and all the secret wedding details." The story elaborates on this "shocking development," asserting Gomez has been "trying so hard to hide her frame," but is "positively glowing."

"Friends say the brunette beauty is pregnant with The Weeknd's baby," alleges the magazine, "and the couple is set to rush down the aisle." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying Gomez has "dropped several hints that she's expecting, complaining to those close to her that she's too tired to stay out and that she feels nauseous. When she's not nauseous, though, she's having weird cravings, and she can't stop eating ice cream!"

The article goes on to contend Gomez has picked out the names Eva Marie and Jason, but it's noted, "Before any bundles of joy can be welcomed, there are vows to be exchanged." Claims a supposed source, "As far as weddings go, Selena wants to do something dramatic and different. She has talked to friends about everything from an African safari wedding to a tropical Mexican wedding."

The outlet adds that "where they tie the knot will depend, in part, on how far along Selena is in her pregnancy." And yet Life & Style doesn't seem to know that rather important detail. That's because they made this whole cover story up, a source close to Gomez exclusively assures Gossip Cop. Additionally, we're told she's NOT pregnant and she's NOT planning a wedding with The Weeknd.

The tabloid has already proven to be a terrible resource for news about the couple. Gossip Cop busted the publication last week for wrongly claiming Gomez was secretly dating The Weeknd for a year before they went public. The magazine also has a long history of fabricating "pregnant bride" cover stories about everyone from Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner to Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani. This one belongs in the trash heap like all the rest.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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