Obsessed Selena Gomez Fan Stopped At Singer’s Home

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Selena Gomez Obsessed Fan

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Obsessed Fan

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An allegedly obsessed Selena Gomez fan was stopped at the singer’s California house on Friday. Scarily, the unwanted visit may be connected to another disturbing incident involving a penis-shaped flower bouquet.

While it’s unclear if Gomez was at her residence at the time, a 24-year-old man arrived at her Los Angeles property bearing gifts. According to a report, the unidentified visitor had food, flowers and other assorted presents for the singer-actress. Of course, his presence was unwanted, and Gomez’s security team ordered him to leave. Fortunately, he did as told. Still, this was reportedly not the first time this particular person showed up at the house, and Gomez’s staff called police to file an official report.

Her camp then learned that the same man may have been involved in another Gomez-related plot earlier in the day. According to TMZ, a flower shop in the area received a call from a person wanting a phallic-shaped floral arrangement for Gomez. The store’s employee was understandably suspicious of the request and did not complete the order. Rather, the staffer wisely contacted the cops. Law enforcement reportedly have reason to believe that the guy who showed up at Gomez’s home and the one who attempted to obtain the obscene bouquet are the same person. The Los Angeles Police Department has now launched a formal investigation, but it’s unclear if it will lead to any charges or a restraining order.

Unfortunately, Gomez is the latest in a long list of stars to be in such a situation. Last year, Kendall Jenner had an obsessed fan approach her in her driveway, and he was later convicted of trespassing, although acquitted of stalking. In 2015, Gwen Stefani called the police after she received messages from a guy threatening to show up at her acupuncture clinic. The next month, she obtained a restraining order against him, with court papers revealing he went to her home multiple times with gifts. Gomez’s best friend, Taylor Swift, has also had a number of unwanted visitors to her various homes. It is a very frightening downside to fame.

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