A story about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's "epic New Year's Eve plans" is 100 percent made-up. It is the latest in a series of stories about how the on-and-off couple are spending the holidays, all of which have been fabricated. Gossip Cop can call out this latest manufactured "exclusive."

Last month, HollywoodLife claimed Gomez and Bieber had plans for him to spend Thanksgiving with her family in Texas. It was completely untrue, and Gossip Cop confirmed that he would not be joining her family festivities. When we were proven right, and they spent the occasion apart, the webloid tried to cover its tracks by falsely claiming to know why they celebrated separately. Then, days later, came a new article about how Gomez was supposedly hoping Bieber would spend Christmas with her family. That, too, was illegitimate and untrue. Gossip Cop confirmed there's no plans for him to be in Texas for the holiday.

Now HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, is not only flip-flopping on its previous Christmas claim, but also purporting to know how the pair will ring in 2017. Laughably citing a so-called "source close to Selena," the site contends, "Selena will be spending Christmas with her family in Texas... There are no plans for Justin to join her for the holiday, they're going to have New Year's Eve together instead." Of course, that's not what its "source" said last month, when it was insisted that Gomez "doesn't want to spend another holiday apart."

But it seems the outlet changed course on Christmas after seeing our debunking and is now moving ahead to New Year's. The alleged tipster claims, "He's already hinted that he wants to whisk her away on a trip where they can be totally alone, like a deserted island. He's a very romantic guy and he loves surprising her so whatever he does it will be epic." Uh, this "source" just described the typical celebrity New Year's celebration. Most stars traditionally go away from the holiday and ring in the new year in "epic" fashion. And given that the online publication has zero specifics, it's clear the blog doesn't actually know their "epic New Year's plans" at all.

It's partially amusing to see HollywoodLies so desperate to appear knowledgeable when they keep proving to be uninformed. And the reason it's laughable that the webloid is pretending it has a "source close to Selena" is because Gomez infamously told Billboard that "HollywoodLife is the worst." No person genuinely close to her would talk to the site about her holiday plans. But what's not laughable or amusing is that these made-up stories dupe fans and clog the internet with fake news instead of real. If only the blog actually cared.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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