Selena Gomez “Would Love A Romance” After Justin Bieber Engagement Is Made-Up Story

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Selena Gomez Romance Justin Bieber Engagement

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Selena Gomez Romance Justin Bieber Engagement

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An article about whether Selena Gomez “would love a romance” after Justin Bieber’s engagement is made-up. The headline actually contradicts much of the story, which contains supposedly “exclusive” information that was actually known two months ago. Gossip Cop can bust this clearly fabricated report.

HollywoodLife is running a headline on Saturday that states, “Selena Gomez Would Love A ‘Romance’ After Justin’s Engagement — Will It Be With Caleb Stevens?” The piece starts out by telling fans what People already reported a few days ago: Gomez is not dating Stevens, a friend who is the brother of her close pal, Raquelle. From there, the site asserts that, despite the declaration in the title about how she would “would love a romance,” Gomez “isn’t actively looking for a relationship right now.”

An untraceable source is quoted as saying, “Selena’s not looking for a boyfriend right now. Justin getting engaged like this has not made her desperate to be in a relationship — if anything it’s done the opposite.” This alleged tipster further maintains, “She’s putting her time and energy into her career and into getting to know herself.” But this is also information that fans already know, and have known for months.

In early May, E! Online reported that Gomez has “moved on” from Bieber and was “learning to appreciate” the single life. Around the same time, “Entertainment Tonight” noted that in the wake of Gomez’s split from Bieber, she didn’t “have it in her to be in a serious relationship,” and her “focus” was on “herself.” HollywoodLies, as the blog is nicknamed, is now essentially saying the same exact things, but packaging it as an “exclusive” more than two months later. A unique scoop this is not.

It was the same situation last week when the website announced Gomez was not “competing” with Bieber to find a “rebound romance.” The outlet presented this as major news, when in actuality it was a logical assumption based on what had already been reported weeks and weeks before. The online publication regularly pretends to have insight, but either offers assertions that are already common knowledge or makes claims that are wildly off-base. It was the latter case in May when the site alleged Bieber and Gomez split because he “couldn’t promise marriage.”

As Gossip Cop explained then, and as mentioned again above, Gomez didn’t want a “serious relationship.” And now with his engagement to Hailey Baldwin, it’s readily apparent that Bieber was, in fact, ready to be a married man. All of this amounts to yet more evidence showing why Gomez was right to call HollywoodLies the “worst.”


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