Selena Gomez NOT Partying With “Mystery Man,” Despite Claim

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Selena Gomez Mystery Man

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Mystery Man

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Selena Gomez was not caught partying with a “mystery man” on a yacht in Australia, despite an untrue claim. This allegation, which is based solely on paparazzi photos, is largely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can bust the false report.

OK! sensationally blares in a headline on its website, “Justin Who? Selena Gomez Parties On Yacht With Mystery Man In Skimpy Bikini.” Alongside pictures of the actress on a boat with friends, the tabloid asserts she’s “vacationing” in Australia, and points out that she was joined by a “hot,” unidentified guy. “What will Justin think?” wonder the gossip magazine, which appears to want to stir the pot rather than practice real journalism. The outlet even goes on to ask readers, “Do you think Selena’s moved on from Justin [Bieber]?

The problems here are plentiful. The singer is not “vacationing.” Gomez arrived in Sydney in advance of a meet-up this week at Hillsong Church. She is set to attend Hillsong’s annual Colour Conference for women. With free time before the event’s official start, Gomez took advantage of the gorgeous scenery and went on a yacht with pals. Far from “partying,” however, she was photographed walking around the boat and sunbathing.

Furthermore, she was not with a “mystery man.” The guy’s identity is only a “mystery” to outlets that don’t bother to research and investigate. Gomez was joined by Johnny Rays, who works for Hillsong Church in Australia. Their platonic hangout does not mean she’s “moved on” from Bieber. In fact, Gomez and Rays also spent time together last fall, right around the time she and Bieber were rekindling their relationship.

But simply because Bieber and Gomez are currently on a break, the publication apparently decided to make hay of her spending time with friends. Just a few days ago, the tabloid’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, tried to do the same, alleging Bieber caught with a “mystery blonde.” Gossip Cop, however, revealed that the woman in question was Baskin Champion, the sister of Abby Champion, who is dating Bieber’s pal Patrick Schwarzenegger. They were all hanging out following the premiere of Schwarzenegger’s movie, Midnight Sun.

Break or no break, Bieber and Gomez are both allowed to hang out with members of the opposite sex. Perhaps if the gossip media was less interested in packaging everything for clicks, it wouldn’t wrongly make normal activities seem salacious. The real “mystery” here is why OK! didn’t even bother to fully fact-check its article about Gomez.

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