Selena Gomez Mom NOT Demanding Breathalyzer Tests For Justin Bieber Relationship, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Breathalyzer

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Selena Gomez Breathalyzer

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Selena Gomez’s mom is not demanding she get breathalyzer tests if she wants to date Justin Bieber, despite a ridiculous, untrue report from the tabloids. While Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, isn’t thrilled the on-and-off couple is back together, Gossip Cop is exclusively told there’s “no merit” to this story.

The new issue of In Touch features the headline, “Selena’s Mom: I’ll Accept Justin — If You Take A Breathalyzer!” According to the article, Teefey has “made it clear she doesn’t want her daughter dating” Bieber again, “but she’s agreed to accept the relationship under one condition.” A so-called “insider” claims that “condition” is “random breathalyzer tests.”

The gossip magazine asserts that, due to her kidney transplant, Gomez “needs to live a clean lifestyle for the sake of her health.” But Teefey, alleges the supposed source, “feels that’s impossible if Justin is back in her life. She worries that Selena has been drinking again and fears Justin will eventually lead her back to partying.”

So, how does Gomez supposedly feel about her mom’s alleged demand? The outlet maintains, “Selena isn’t happy about her mom’s ultimatum, but she hasn’t turned it down.” The purported “insider” adds, “Selena is so desperate to make things work that she might agree.” Nowhere does the alleged snitch or the publication acknowledge that Gomez is 25 years old. She does not need her mother’s permission to date Bieber or anyone else.

By the same token, as an adult of legal drinking age, Gomez cannot be forced by her mom to take breathalyzer tests. But it will not be coming down to that anyway. Teefey herself exclusively tells Gossip Cop on the record there’s “no merit to anything in that article.” While the singer-actress’ loved ones obviously want her to remain healthy, no one is putting limits on what she can do as a stipulation for dating Bieber.

And in the online version of this tale, the tabloid actually proves that it doesn’t have real insight. The magazine writes in the article on its website, “Last month, Mandy was reportedly hospitalized after a fight with her daughter over her rekindled romance.” Well, if the outlet really had an “insider” as claimed, it would know for sure whether or not Teefey was hospitalized, instead of just “reportedly.” And it would also know that, although Teefey did seek treatment at a hospital, Bieber was not the catalyst.

By being unable to confirm on its own what went down and why, the publication shows that it lacks credibility and shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to related matters. Of course, Gossip Cop readers already know that. This is, after all, the same tabloid that falsely claimed Bieber and Gomez were getting married in 2016.