Story About Selena Gomez Missing Justin Bieber While In London Is Made-Up

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Selena Gomez Missing Justin Bieber London

By Holly Nicol |

Selena Gomez Missing Justin Bieber London

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A new story that claims Selena Gomez is missing Justin Bieber while she’s away in London is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this latest article from HollywoodLife, which has a penchant for fabricating fake news about Bieber and Gomez.

The singer-actress is currently in Europe promoting the release of her new single “Wolves,” and according to the often discredited website, Gomez is “missing Bieber like crazy” while she’s across the pond. The aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies begins its new report by noting that “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” adding that Gomez is “missing her honey with all this distance between them.” A so-called “source” is then quoted as saying, “Selena has been a bit bummed since her time out of the states and away from Justin. She misses him dearly and the time apart has helped her realize how important he is to her.”

The outlet’s alleged Gomez “insider” goes on to assert, “Selena has a strong love and bond for Justin. She wanted alone time, got it, and it was what she needed. It has helped her learn about herself and how much Justin means to her. She genuinely misses him and can’t wait to get back to him.” In an attempt to lend credence to its bogus premise about the star missing Bieber while she’s working in London, the blog then fills out the remainder of its manufactured article with a lyric taken from one of Gomez’s hit tracks. “As her song says, ‘The Heart Wants What it Wants’ and that’s Justin,” concludes the webloid.

It’s hard to believe HollywoodLies spoke to a legitimate source close to the singer, given how much she despises them and how often we’ve been told no one in her inner circle would share anything with them. Remember, we recently busted the outlet when it posted a string of made-up reports about Gomez and Bieber spending Thanksgiving together. At the time, Gossip Cop maintained they weren’t going to be together for the holiday, while the site kept pushing that false narrative. Of course, we were right and that blog was exposed again for concocting phony articles.

One of our impeccable sources tells us the story about Gomez missing Bieber while she’s away in London is completely “fabricated.” Although HollywoodLies reasonably assumed the two are in touch while she’s across the pond, Gossip Cop has heard from numerous insiders that Gomez and Bieber aren’t as serious as people think. Once again, HollywoodLife, a site Gomez publicly called “the worst,” is peddling fake news about the two stars just for online traffic.

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