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Selena Gomez is not going "off the rails" or having a "meltdown" as Justin Bieber "rebounds" with a "hot model," despite a sensational and provably false report. Gossip Cop can bust this story. While Gomez has been candid about having mental health issues, Bieber has not sent her into a tailspin.

Without significant substantiation, RadarOnline is claiming Gomez has been "acting extremely erratic" since she and Bieber decided to take a break from their romance. The site apparently finds it suspicious that she "chopped off her hair" and was seen carrying a Bible "before jetting off to Australia." Of course, there's nothing crazy about Gomez changing her hairstyle into a slightly shorter bob than she already had, and given her widely known religious devotion, there's nothing strange about her being photographed with a Bible. And while the blog is suggesting Gomez's trip Down Under is connected to a "downward spiral," she actually went for a Hillsong Church conference, as Gossip Cop has already reported.

Still, the website insists that "family and friends fear she's gone 'off the rails'" while Bieber has "moved on" with Baskin Champion. A so-called "insider" claims Gomez has become "very distant from everyone," and alleges there's "a lot of concern for her well-being because she's been acting off." How, exactly, has the star been acting "off"? Tellingly, the outlet never says and can't support that contention. Furthermore, the assertion that she's become "very distant" from the people in her life is not only unsupported by the online publication, but easily debunked.

Gomez was joined in Sydney by a number of friends and even shared a video on Instagram of herself and pals on a yacht. Just two days ago, one of those friends, Anna Collins, posted a picture of Gomez from their trip, captioning it "angel." And then just one day ago, Gomez was photographed smiling in the airport with another pal, Courtney Barry. As fans can clearly see for themselves, the singer-actress is just fine and not in the midst of a "meltdown."

It's likely RadarOnline only cobbled together such a narrative because Gomez has sought help for depression and anxiety in the past, including earlier this year. These are ongoing battles, and it's quite possible she will return to a treatment facility in the future. But that doesn't mean she's on a Bieber-fueled "downward spiral." In fact, Gossip Cop suspects that if Bieber hadn't been seen out with Champion this week, the blog wouldn't have even made such a claim.

As the gossip media is known to do, the website likes taking kernels of truth (Gomez struggles with mental health, she and Bieber are on a break, he hung out with a member of the opposite sex) and twisting them into something salacious (Gomez is now going off-the-rails as a result). But it doesn't all add up the way the outlet would like it to. Bieber isn't actually on the "rebound," as credible publications like People have reported he and Champion are not actually dating. And, as outlined above, there is zero evidence Gomez is "acting extremely erratic." As it has many times before, the site has gone to extremes for clicks.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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