Selena Gomez NOT Caught Kissing Mystery Man, Despite Clickbait

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Selena Gomez Kissing Mystery Man

By Andrew Shuster |

Selena Gomez Kissing Mystery Man

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There are new headlines suggesting Selena Gomez was “caught” kissing a “mystery man,” despite being in a relationship with The Weeknd. Of course, the singer wasn’t actually spotted cheating on her boyfriend. In actuality, these reports are simply clickbait designed to generate traffic by duping readers into thinking she was unfaithful.

RadarOnline posted images of Gomez kissing a man in a convertible, along with the scandalous headline, “Shocking Photos: Selena Gomez Caught Locking Lips With Mystery Man!” The outlet then asks, “What does doting boyfriend The Weeknd have to say about this?” Rather than providing the full story, the webloid instead includes a link to its sister outlet, Star, in an effort to send even more hits to that site.

Once readers land on OK!’s webpage, they’ll see another headline dramatically declaring, “Selena Gomez Spotted Kissing A Man Who Isn’t The Weeknd.” The tabloid adds, “You’ve got to see the photos of the singer smooching with mystery boy,” before asking, “But why are they together and why would they be kissing? Where is The Weeknd? So many questions!”

It isn’t until one clicks on a photo gallery that the publication finally reveals the kissing pictures are from the New York City set of Woody Allen’s new movie. The so-called “mystery man” locking lips with Gomez is her co-star Timothee Chalamet. First, RadarOnline and Star use deceptive headlines to trick readers into believing the singer is a cheater. Next, the outlets make readers jump through a series of hoops before getting to the truth.

The only actual story going on here is that Gomez was spotted shooting a movie. The singer happened to be filming a romantic scene, so both outlets exploited the situation by publishing bait-and-switch articles teasing a scandalous affair they knew wasn’t happening. Of course, it’s not uncommon for publications to use enticing headlines to attract readers, but no reputable outlets offer a false premise before reporting the facts.

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