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A made-up story from HollywoodLife claims Selena Gomez's "one wish" for New Year's Eve is a "romantic kiss" from Justin Bieber. But no one close to the singer-actress actually told a site that Gomez has called "the worst" about a desire to kiss her boyfriend. Gossip Cop can bust this fake "exclusive."

HollywoodLies, as it's also known, is purporting to have "exclusive details" on how Gomez wants to ring in the new year. What it has, however, isn't very detailed at all. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Selena has one wish for her New Year's eve party plans and that is to get a romantic kiss from Justin at midnight. After a rocky year, and lots of family drama surrounding Christmas, Selena is eager to spend her New Year's eve with Justin."

Nothing about that is particularly insightful or revelatory. Everyone knows Gomez has had a "rocky year" and it's been well-documented that there was "family drama surrounding Christmas." It's also hardly groundbreaking to assert a woman wants to spend New Year's Eve with her boyfriend and get a "romantic kiss" at midnight. We wouldn't think she wanted a friendly one.

In another obviously manufactured quote, the webloid's supposed snitch contends, "When the clock strikes midnight on New Year's eve, Selena wants to be with her man, wherever that may be, so she can feel his arms wrapped around her and get a sweet kiss from him as 2018 begins." HollywoodLies regularly pretends to have "exclusives" on how stars get intimate with each other, as if any real "sources" close to them would be publicly talking about such things. And most notably, the blog never actually says just where the couple will be for the holiday.

There was similarly no specifics offered earlier this month when the outlet ran an "exclusive" about Gomez and Bieber's supposedly "epic New Year's Eve plans." And in addition to the aforementioned flaws in this concocted new story, HollywoodLies further shows that it's far from being in the loop when it maintains Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefey, was "hospitalized after learning about how serious Jelena's relationship has become... Mandy and Selena got into a heated discussion over Justin, causing Mandy to check herself in to a hospital."

Teefey didn't actually "check in to a hospital," and it was not a dispute over Bieber that led her to seek medical treatment. Gomez's family issues go far beyond Bieber. HollywoodLies would know that if it actually had inside access to Gomez's world. But since it doesn't, this made-up "exclusive" is comprised of obvious guesses (she wants to kiss her boyfriend on New Year's) and misinformation (Teefey was hospitalized and it's due to Bieber). Also, Gomez's rep has assured Gossip Cop that no one close to her is sharing information with that blog. These are among the reasons why she's called the online publication "the worst."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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