HollywoodLife has made up a new story about why Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber didn't spend Thanksgiving together to cover up its series of previously fabricated articles that claimed they were going to be with one another on the holiday. But the latest report from that often discredited site is just another lie. Gossip Cop has the real reason.

According to the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies, part of the reason Bieber wasn't in Texas with Gomez was so that she could have more quality time alone with her family. The outlet alleges a so-called "insider" told the blog, "Selena visit her family without him because he can see her a lot more than they do." The same seemingly fake "source" adds, "He is trying to make the right decisions and get back into her family's good graces and not showing up for Thanksgiving or taking her away to do their own thing was an important thing to do this year."

The truth, however, is that it wasn't Bieber's decision whether or not to spend Thanksgiving with Gomez's family. He didn't even get to weigh how much time he gets to spend with Gomez versus how much her family does. Simply, an impeccable Gomez source exclusively assures Gossip Cop he was never invited, and that Thanksgiving from the start was going to be a family-only holiday in one home.

The fan-fiction all started a few days ago when Gossip Cop exposed HollywoodLies for concocting a fake news story that claimed Gomez and Bieber were spending Thanksgiving together. The repeatedly disproven outlet maintained that Gomez had "romantic plans" that included cooking "family recipes for him." The site even contended that Bieber was going to use the time over Thanksgiving to "make a good impression on Selena's family." But, as we exclusively and correctly reported well before the holiday, Gomez had no plans to be with Bieber on Thanksgiving. An insider rightly told us she was going to be in Texas and Bieber was not on the guest list.

Then, a day before Thanksgiving, after Gomez had been spotted in Texas, HollywoodLies made up another tall tale with the headline, "Selena Gomez Spotted At Home In Texas: Will Justin Bieber Join Her For Thanksgiving?" The site then asked, "So, is Justin Bieber not far behind?" The outlet further wrote, "While it's unknown where the Biebs will spend turkey day, it may be a good idea for him to jet off to Texas."

Of course, as Gossip Cop accurately reported once again before the holiday, Bieber was not going to join Gomez for Thanksgiving in Texas. And if one re-reads HollywoodLies' story, it's actually clear that the outlet doesn't really have a Bieber "insider," as it now asserts. If it did, the site wouldn't have asked, "Will Justin Bieber join her for Thanksgiving" and "it's unknown where the Biebs will spend turkey day." And yet, the blog now has the nerve to falsely contend it knows "why they didn't spend Thanksgiving together."

To recap: HollywoodLies was wrong about the recently rekindled couple spending Thanksgiving together. Then, when Gomez was seen in Texas, the outlet accidentally exposed how it had no idea whether or not Bieber was going to join her in the Lone Star state. But now suddenly the website claims it knows the reason why Bieber wasn't with Gomez for Thanksgiving. Even it's contention that Bieber felt Gomez should spend the time with her family instead of with him is also made-up.

The reality is HollywoodLife often manufactures fake news about Gomez and Bieber, and when its stories are proven to wholly fabricated, it just concocts more lies to cover its tracks. But it's not just Gossip Cop calling out the site for its falsehoods. Both Bieber and Gomez have publicly slammed the blog for being "the worst" and "untruthful." That's why, when the outlet claims it's getting its information from a "source" close to the two singers, there's a good chance it's completely untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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