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A new article about Selena Gomez being "in love" with Justin Bieber's tattooed body and how all his ink adds to his "hotness" is made-up. Gossip Cop can once again expose a website that's known for fabricating stories about Bieber and Gomez. We're told the latest report is "silly" and that not only didn't anyone in Gomez's inner circle speak to that outlet, but also the quotations it attributes to a "source close" to her are entirely phony.

Not surprisingly, the latest manufactured tale about Gomez and Bieber comes from HollywoodLife, a blog that both the young stars have publicly called out for telling lies about them. In fact, the site's penchant for concocting stories about celebrities has earned it the nickname HollywoodLies. Anyway, in its newest article, the fiction factory contends Gomez is "obsessed" and "in love" with Bieber's inked up body and "thinks [his tattoos] make him look even hotter than he already is."

Among what Gomez supposedly loves about Bieber's tats, says a so-called "source close" to her, is that they "look good" because he "stays in such spectacular shape." The same seemingly fake "source" further tells the often discredited site that Gomez is a "visual person and Justin's tattoos absolutely add to his charm and hotness." The outlet then fills the rest of its space by noting what some of Bieber's tattoos are, along with their significance.

Mind you, the site that falsely maintains it has inside information is also the outlet that wrongly claimed a few days ago how Gomez and Bieber were taking a break after fighting with each other following a vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Almost comically, hours after HollywoodLies posted that piece of fiction, the two were spotted together after a hot yoga workout. The truth is the blog simply makes up stories about the two and hides behind unnamed sources, who they untruthfully assert are "close" to Bieber and Gomez. But, as Gossip Cop alluded to before, Bieber once urged his Instagram followers to shut down HollywoodLife because he was disgusted by how the "garbage website" made up "untruthful" stories about him. Similarly, Gomez has publicly stated how much she hates that outlet, too.

And yet, despite its scores of provably wrong stories about the two and their own disdain for the untrustworthy site, HollywoodLies still tries to dupe its readers into believing its has inside sources for them. The reality, as Gossip Cop has been assured on numerous occasions, is that absolutely no one "close" to them is sharing any information with that blog. Basically, the outlet makes up articles tied to whatever they've most recently posted on social media or what other outlets have published about them. And from there, the website seemingly manufactures any number of unfounded scenarios about Gomez and Bieber that it can think of.

In this case, on Saturday Bieber posted a photo on Instagram of his shirtless and tattooed chest while reading the bible. Other outlets simply reported the facts. For instance, "Extra" wrote on it website that Bieber captioned his picture "Wowzers," which it expressed "might be what many fans were thinking when they first looked at the singer's shirtless, heavily inked body." In typical fashion, however, HollywoodLies used that image as a springboard to make up its tall tale about how Bieber's tons of tats "add to his charm and hotness." By that absurd logic, does that mean when Bieber had fewer tattoos Gomez found him less charming and hot?

Despite the site's reputation for crafting phony stories around real-life occurrences, Gossip Cop still vigorously fact-checked the outlet's report. An impeccable Gomez insider called the article "silly" and guaranteed us that no one "close" to her shared anything with HollywoodLies. We've said it before and we'll said it again: If you don't mind reading bogus stories about Gomez and Bieber, that outlet will produce several new ones every week. But if you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, there's only one Gossip Cop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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