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When Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reconciled last fall, the tabloids became filled with stories about the on-and-off couple tying the knot. Not only did Gossip Cop bust those false claims at the time they came out, but now the stars aren't even together anymore. Below are five wrong "Jelena" marriage and wedding rumors we corrected in the last six months.

In early November, right after Gomez and Bieber rekindled their romance, Life & Style announced on its cover that Gomez was going to be a "pregnant bride." The front of the issue featured a deceptively photoshopped image that made it look like the stars were posing together after reuniting. In actuality, as Gossip Cop revealed at the time, the Gomez portion was taken at the InStyle Awards in October, while the Bieber portion was from an August charity basketball game. The separate pictures were digitally combined to dupe readers, and that was clear evidence the magazine shouldn't be trusted.

In the article, it was alleged the pair were planning two weddings, one to take place in California and the other to be held in Texas. And a so-called "source" speculated about Gomez, "She could be pregnant already." Of course, time has since proven that the former child star wasn't expecting a child of her own, and the purported weddings never happened. When Gossip Cop originally debunked the report, a Gomez contact dismissed the allegations on background as "lies." That was clearly the truth.

The following month, RadarOnline claimed Bieber was going to propose over Christmas. "Friends expect Justin to pop the question over the holidays. [He] has been looking at rings and plans to ask her to marry him over Christmas," alleged a supposed "source." As Gossip Cop pointed out then, there was a suspicious lack of details, such as just where Bieber was scoping out engagement rings. What's more, we had already reported at the time, and others had confirmed, that Gomez and Bieber would be spending Christmas separate, as she would be in Texas with her family, where he wasn't exactly welcome. Sure enough, they did not celebrate the holiday together, and the proposal never happened.

The year ended with OK! Australia declaring the "reunited lovebirds" were making plans to say "I do." It was specifically alleged they were "talking about tying the knot in early 2018," with Barbados, Hawaii and Mexico named as possible "romantic wedding locations." But a so-called "insider" maintained that since Gomez's mom was against the relationship, "they've decided to marry in secret." It made no sense, however, to contend an "insider" was leaking their "secret" plans to a gossip publication. And at the time the article was published, the pair wasn't wedding planning but actually miles and miles apart, as Gomez was in Mexico with friends. Gossip Cop also noted that this was a retread of a debunked Life & Style story. The two tabloids are both published under Bauer Media, and often share content to trick readers across the globe. Perhaps needless to say, but there weren't any Bieber-Gomez nuptials in "early 2018."

Come February, HollywoodLife claimed to know that Bieber was ready to propose to Gomez "right now." So, why hadn't he? The website gave the excuse that he was "waiting until it's the right time," because she had "made it clear to Justin that she doesn't want to rush things." What was actually clear was that this narrative was made-up. Both performers had already publicly blasted the blog, with Bieber even calling for HollywoodLife to be shut down, and there was no proof or reason to believe someone close to him would spill to a site he detests about any proposal plans. On top of that, a Gomez insider, who declined to speak on the record, told Gossip Cop the outlet's stories about an impending marriage "couldn't be further from reality."

That was apparent earlier this month, when the website did a 180 and alleged Bieber and Gomez split because he "couldn't promise marriage." As Gossip Cop explained, the blog went from claiming he wanted to propose and she wanted to take things slow to asserting the exact opposite. "He wasn't ready to settle down with her as soon as she wanted to and she couldn't get him to actually think about marriage in a serious nature," a clearly ill-informed, and possibly nonexistent, "source" was quoted as saying. Beyond blatantly contradicting its previous article from a few months prior, this supposed breakup reason, that Gomez wanted to marry and Bieber refused, was completely inaccurate. In the wake of Gomez's split from Bieber, "Entertainment Tonight" actually reported that she didn't "have it in her to be in a serious relationship." Obviously, then, the contention that Gomez called it quits because he wouldn't get married was false.

Again, these are just five untrue rumors from the past six months alone. Our archives are filled with many more similar tall tales. Fans can hold out hope Bieber and Gomez will make it down the aisle someday, but all of these stories so far have been indisputably wrong. And Gossip Cop will continue to fact-check any additional marriage and wedding claims that arise.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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