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Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber using a pilates facility as an excuse for secret, sexy dates? That's the latest rumor to emerge about the on-and-off couple. But Gossip Cop can debunk it.

"Selena's Sexy Flexy Date With Justin," reads a headline in the current edition of Star. The tabloid asserts Gomez "sent [Bieber's] pulse racing thanks to a gym session she turned into a sensual, sweaty date." It's specifically alleged the singer-actress "turned up the heat on their usual Hot Pilates class in West Hollywood by arranging for it to be a very private, and very physical, affair."

Gossip Cop isn't aware of any pilates classes that aren't physical. Anyway, a so-called "witness" is quoted as saying, "Selena showed up half an hour early to set the mood and make sure this was more than just a workout. She brought in dozens of scented candles and made a playlist of Justin's favorite songs." Adds this alleged source, "She put so much effort into making it sexy, she wanted everything to be perfect." The gossip magazine then grossly asserts, "Let's just say their cooldown was anything but."

This narrative begs a number of questions. First question: When exactly did this occur since Gomez spent the last few weeks in treatment for depression and anxiety on the East Coast. The only time Gomez and Bieber were spotted at Hot Pilates on the West Coast was on January 3. Second question: Who exactly would this "witness" be if the couple had a "private" session? Gossip Cop has been told by the studio that they don't comment on the activities of celebrity guests as a matter of policy.

Third question: If Gomez "brought in dozens" of candles, why wasn't she photographed with those belongings? Paparazzi caught the pair exiting the establishment, at which point she was carrying only a normal-sized pocketbook. Sure, their hair was wet, but that's to be expected given the temperature in a hot pilates class. It's also possible they used the on-site showers following the class.

Fourth question: Why would Gomez and Bieber need to turn a pilates session into a "sexy flexy date" when such a thing could easily be done at either of their homes? Pilates can be done anywhere, and certainly Gomez could set up candles and a special playlist at her own house. They needn't actually travel somewhere for such an experience.

Fifth and final question: What happened to Bieber being caught smoking during the pilates class? That, after all, was the claim the outlet made in last week's issue. Notably, nothing was said then about Gomez arranging the workout as a special "date." And nothing is said now about Bieber being unable to go without a smoke break and hanging his head outside of a window to get his alleged fix.

Of course, Gossip Cop busted that ridiculous tale, with the manager at Hot Pilates even telling us that there is no window from which one could stick their head out. Now the fact that the publication is pushing a completely different story further shows that the tabloid's "reporting" is entirely bogus. Not to mention, as outlined above, there are enough holes in this new article to sink a ship. And while it may seem silly and inconsequential, even light-hearted reports need to be called out if they're made-up, and we're told that's definitely the case here.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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