Selena Gomez NOT Thinking About Justin Bieber During “Hotel Transylvania 3” Media Tour

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Hotel Transylvania

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Hotel Transylvania

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Selena Gomez is not spending her media tour for Hotel Transylvania 3 thinking about Justin Bieber. A website is exploiting a connection from nearly six years ago to spread a made-up story. Gossip Cop can bust it.

HollywoodLife claims Gomez can’t get Bieber “off her mind, especially while on the media tour for Hotel Transylvania 3.” A so-called “source close to Selena” is quoted as saying, “It’s impossible for her to not think about Justin during this time because in the past, she has brought Justin’s siblings and Justin himself with her to the previous Hotel Transylvania premieres.” This supposed snitch contends Gomez has “fun and fond memories from it all, which then makes her think of the good old days.”

“Her friends and family still know that she still holds a candle for Justin and can see that times like this media tours [sic] gets to her emotionally and makes her think of the past,” asserts the site’s untraceable insider. The blog then editorializes by offering, “We can certainly understand Selena’s emotions. After all, they’ve known each other since 2001.” (See screengrab below.) That date, of course, is a glaring factual error.

In 2001 Bieber was 7 years old. Scooter Braun did not discover him via YouTube until 2008, after which he eventually became famous and met Gomez. When the outlet can’t get such a basic fact right, there is no reason for readers to trust the rest of the article. In fact, this piece contains another mistake, or, at the very least, a significant misrepresentation, that undermines the whole premise.

While it’s true Gomez brought Bieber’s siblings to a Hotel Transylvania premiere in 2012, and then he attended a premiere with her days later, that’s where their connection over the film begins and ends. When Hotel Transylvania 2 came out in 2015, Bieber had no involvement whatsoever. They weren’t even a couple then. Conveniently, and misleadingly, the online publication doesn’t tell readers that. Instead, it wants readers to think that all of Gomez’s past dealings with the movie franchise are tied to Bieber, which simply isn’t accurate.

Gomez has attended multiple events for each of three Hotel Transylvania flicks. But because two of those appearances nearly six years ago related to Bieber, the website has manufactured this narrative about how she supposedly “she can’t stop thinking” about him during this latest press tour. Not only this is far-fetched, but E! Online already reported back in early May how Gomez has “completely moved on” from Bieber.

Does he cross her mind from time to time? Probably. That would only be normal. But this is a fabricated storyline just because Gomez is currently promoting a franchise whose first installment came out when they were dating. This is HollywoodLies, as the blog is nicknamed, doing what it often does: Taking hot topics (the release of Hotel Transylvania 3, fans’ continued interest in Jelena) and concocting illegitimate related stories. Remember, this is an outlet Gomez called the “worst” in an interview with Billboard, which just so happened to be conducted as she was doing press for Hotel Transylvania 2. All this time later, the outlet hasn’t gotten any better.



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