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A story claiming Selena Gomez is hoping Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin get married soon is made-up. Gossip Cop can bust the phony "exclusive." It comes from a site Gomez has publicly said is "never true," a quote that has been documented online.

We're referring to HollywoodLife, which Gomez also told Billboard is "the worst." For years, the singer-actress has made no secret of her distain for the website, which is why fans should be doubtful every time it purports to have a scoop about her. In this latest piece, it's alleged Gomez is "coming to terms" with Bieber's engagement to Baldwin, and is "ready for them to say 'I do' in the near future."

In an attempt to add credence to this tale, the blog quotes a so-called "friend of Selena's," but one has to question whether any real friend of Gomez's would actually talk to an outlet she openly despises. This seemingly fictitious sources asserts that she has "moved past her initial shock over Justin and Hailey's quick engagement and she's in a place of acceptance." Then, however, this purported pal claims, "But it's not something she really wants to talk about or hear about."

If that's the case, why would a "friend" of Gomez's discuss the situation with a gossip publication? Doing so in this way only ensures that she'll continue to be linked to the Bieber-Baldwin narrative. Gossip Cop suspects that's what the site wants. Since Bieber's engagement was revealed on July 8, HollywoodLife has peddled more than 20 related stories involving Gomez. Several of them were said to be "exclusives" like this one, based on someone supposedly "close" to her. And oftentimes, the claims in these pieces defy logic, just as this one does.

For example, the website recently teased fans with a story about what Gomez supposedly wanted from Bieber for her birthday. In the article, an untraceable "source" revealed she actually wanted nothing from him and just wanted to be left alone. That similarly begged the question: Why then would she have someone "close" to her publicly address the topic at all? The blog keeps maintaining Gomez wants her connection to Bieber to be severed, but repeatedly ties them back together through these "exclusives."

Gossip Cop has detailed in the past how the outlet exploits Gomez and Bieber with made-up stories. It appears the online publication keeps writing about the former couple because they remain popular individually and fans still associate them with each other. Catering to an audience is understandable; it's why magazines choose certain celebrities to be their cover stars. They sell. But what's not acceptable is for an alleged news site to make-up stories for the sake of traffic. That's not how journalism is supposed to work.

And again and again, HollywoodLife offers up pieces on the performers with flimsy premises from anonymous sources, even though both Gomez and Bieber have spoken out against the website. It's hard to believe that, even if she did prefer Bieber and Baldwin "walk down the aisle sooner rather than later," anyone in Gomez's inner circle would choose to share that with this particular blog. There is simply no evidence that this story is credible. All signs point to it being made-up, like so many others.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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