Story About Selena Gomez Not Competing With Justin Bieber For ‘Rebound Romance’ Is Made-Up

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Competing Rebound Romance

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Competing Rebound Romance

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A made-up story about how Selena Gomez is not “competing” with Justin Bieber to find a “rebound romance” is fake news. Gossip Cop can bust the phony report. It was already known nearly two months ago that the singer-actress wasn’t interested in pursuing a new relationship.

But HollywoodLife wants readers to think it has “exclusive details” on how Gomez is “perfectly fine being single” and “not looking to rebound” from Bieber while he spends time with Hailey Baldwin. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Selena is not treating love as a game or a competition and whatever Justin is doing or getting into is not dictating her love life.” This alleged tipster goes on to contend, “She wants to spend this summer in her best health and everything else can and will fall into place.”

But what the site is trying to pass of as a unique scoop is anything but. The blog is only telling fans what’s been known since the beginning of May. On May 9, E! Online reported that Gomez had “moved on” from Bieber, and that she was “learning to appreciate” being single, as opposed to trying to find a new boyfriend. Similarly, on May 10, “Entertainment Tonight” reported that in the wake of Gomez’s split from Bieber, “Selena’s focus right now is herself… Selena doesn’t have it in her to be in a serious relationship.”

Both outlets also stressed that “there’s no bad blood between her and Justin” and that she “respects him as a person.” Obviously, then, she wouldn’t be interested in “competing” with him when it comes to a “rebound romance.” And it’s not real news to now say in July that Gomez is “fine being single” when that was known roughly eight weeks ago. HollywoodLies, as the website is frequently called, just wants to appear in-the-know and rile up fans, but its contentions are pretty much common knowledge at this point and there’s nothing to be riled up over.

And, as Gossip Cop always points out, it must be remembered that this is the same online publication that Gomez called “the worst” in an interview with Billboard. She has made her disdain for the site quite clear over the years, which means fans should be suspicious every time one of its articles cites an untraceable “source close” to the former child star. Those truly “close” to Gomez don’t leak details about her personal life to a blog she hates. That also explains why the website is peddling two-month-old information as a bogus “exclusive.” It should also be noted that this fake news story contradicts HollywoodLies’ May tall tale about Gomez being “ready” to find her “future husband.”


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