Story About Birthday Gift Selena Gomez Wants From Justin Bieber Is Made-Up

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Birthday Gift

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Birthday Gift

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A website that routinely exploits Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber with made-up stories is claiming to know the “one birthday gift” she wants from him, despite their split earlier this year. This appears to be yet another HollywoodLife fabrication. Gossip Cop can explain why fans shouldn’t trust the article.

The piece begins by leading readers to believe Gomez wants a tangible present from Bieber for her birthday this weekend. “Justin Bieber may be engaged to Hailey Baldwin, but his ex, Selena Gomez, still wants a birthday gift from him when she turns 26 on July 22,” writes the site, before adding, “Well, sort of…” As the story goes on, the blog admits, “There’s one thing she really wants from her ex — but it’s not exactly a gift. Well, not a physical one, anyway.”

After baiting fans, a so-called “source close to Selena” is quoted as saying, “The one thing Selena hopes Justin will give her for her birthday this weekend is peace and quiet.” In other words, Gomez wants nothing from him at all, which is not how the article is initially presented. This alleged tipster contends, “Selena kinda hopes Justin does not stir anything up with her by sending her a gift, flowers, or even trying to reach out with a phone call or text.”

The seemingly fictional insider asserts that Gomez is “finally in a good place, having really moved on from their relationship.” Obviously, Bieber has “moved on” and is in a “good place, too. So why would he be sending his ex-girlfriend flowers or even calling her? It has been known for weeks, and even months already, that they aren’t in touch. E! Online reported in May that Gomez had “moved on,” and she and Bieber weren’t “in contact.” Then last month, People as well reported that Bieber and Gomez have “no contact.”

And while some exes do exchange birthday wishes, making a text not entirely out of the realm of possibility, the premise of this manufactured story is flawed. If Gomez has “really moved on,” as the untraceable “source” says, and wants absolutely nothing from Bieber at all for her birthday, why peddle this tale in the first place? Why would a source supposedly “close” to her dredge up their history and draw attention to their relationship by talking about this with a gossip outlet? It obviously makes no sense that someone in Gomez’s inner circle would do that.

Of course, it makes no sense that anyone in her world would discuss her personal life with the online publication at all, given that Gomez has blasted the blog as the “worst” in an interview with Billboard, and even told fans on Instagram that the website is “never true.” Bieber has gone as far as calling for HollywoodLife to be shut down, noting that it’s both “hurtful” and “untruthful.” This kind of made-up story only further validates their comments. It is deceptive, sensational, illogical and not credible.


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