Jennifer Aniston NOT “Betrayed” By Selena Gomez Working With Petra Collins, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Selena Gomez Petra Collins

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Selena Gomez Petra Collins

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A new tabloid report says Selena Gomez “betrayed” Jennifer Aniston by working with artist Petra Collins on a short film. The ridiculous claim is only being made because Collins was wrongly linked to Justin Theroux earlier this year. Gossip Cop can debunk this false and convoluted story.

On Wednesday, Collins shared clips on Instagram from her creepy short horror film A Love Story, which stars Gomez. This inspired the National Enquirer to come up with a baseless article about the collaboration being some sort of dig at Aniston. The magazine says the pop star is backstabbing the actress by working with “her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.” Theroux is actually her estranged husband considering they’re not officially divorced, but that’s the least of the problems with this article. Collins is most definitely not the actor’s “new girlfriend.”

As reported by Gossip Cop, and backed up by reliable publications such as People, Theroux and Collins are just friends. They’re both involved in the New York art scene, but there’s nothing romantic going on between the two. Still, the unreliable tabloid insists Gomez’s collaboration with the artist is “a new nightmare for Jennifer as she’s betrayed by yet another Hollywood pal.” This aspect of the story holds no weight either.

In reality, Gomez and Collins have been friends and collaborators for years. The photographer interviewed the pop star for Wonderland magazine in 2015. In 2017, Collins directed the music video for Gomez’s song “Fetish.” The tabloid is trying to make it seem as if the singer started hanging out with Collins following the rumors she was dating Theroux, but Gomez knew that artist long before Aniston and Theroux even split. Combine that with the fact that Theroux and Collins aren’t a couple, and it’s clear no one has been “betrayed.”

Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer last month for coming up with a similarly false premise. The tabloid claimed Gomez had “betrayed” Aniston after getting “caught” with Theroux in New York City. The story was completely absurd and shot down by Aniston’s own spokesperson.

In reality, Gomez, Theroux and a group of other famous friends went to see Billy Crudup’s off-Broadway play Harry Clarke. The get-together was organized by the group’s shared manager, Aleen Keshishian, who posted an Instagram photo from the outing. Collins happened to have been there as well, but the tabloid barely mentioned her in last month’s article. People in the entertainment industry have a lot of mutual friends and colleagues, so their social circles often overlap. The magazine is simply using Aniston and Gomez’s shared connections to create a tangled web of drama that doesn’t exist.


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