Selena Gomez Trying To Steal Jennifer Aniston’s Life And Justin Theroux?

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Selena Gomez Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux

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Is Selena Gomez really trying to date Justin Theroux because she’s “idolized” Jennifer Aniston for years? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids, which further alleges Gomez has “gone all Single White Female” on Aniston. But it’s completely untrue.

According to NW, Gomez is “trying to steal” Aniston’s life and estranged husband. The magazine alleges Theroux and Gomez have been “spending more and more time together” since he and Aniston announced their split in mid-February. To push its premise, the tabloid quotes an unnamed “source” as saying out of nowhere, “Part of Selena’s attraction to Justin is knowing how much Jen loved him.” “The fact that the woman she idolized so much prized him only makes Justin all that more appealing,” continues the untraceable tipster.

Employing puns from their respective work, the tabloid maintains “Gomez just can’t keep her hands to herself when it comes to getting her claws into Jen’s, um, leftovers.” The same almost assuredly fabricated “source” continues, “She finds Justin to be a breath of fresh air after going through such turbulent times with Justin [Bieber].” “Selena will always carry a torch for her ex,” adds the supposed insider in unnaturally expository language, “but right now, Justin [Theroux] is helping her take her mind off things.”

The outlet goes on to assert that Aniston would be “horrified” if she knew just “how close” Gomez and Theroux have become. “It’s progressing into something far more significant,” contends the “source.” “She’d think of it as a complete betrayal on both their parts,” concludes the tabloid’s seemingly fictional “insider.”

While it’s true the two actresses have a tight bond and Gomez has publicly expressed on Instagram how she’s followed Aniston’s career since she was 8, there’s nothing Single White Female-like about it. The women are friends, and Gomez has credited Aniston with giving her “maternal advice” when she’s needed it. But Gomez is not trying to “steal” or date her friend’s ex.

The claims that “Selena’s attraction to Justin is knowing how much Jen loved him,” and that he’s “more appealing” because Aniston had once “prized” Theroux is patently absurd. Additionally, Gomez and Theroux’s friendship is not “progressing into something far more significant,” as alleged. While the repeatedly debunked tabloid maintains the two have been “spending more and more time together,” the reality is Gomez and Theroux have been spotted just once since he and Aniston revealed they were splitting up.

In early May, two were part a large group of people — organized by their (and also Aniston’s) mutual manager, Aleen Keshishian — that went to see an off-Broadway play starring another client, Billy Crudup. Keshishian even shared a photo on Instagram of the group, which included Paul Rudd and Rooney Mara, in what appears to have been Crudup’s dressing room. While Theroux has been pictured with a number of different women since then, he has not been seen again with his platonic pal Gomez.

Curiously, the magazine brought up her ex-boyfriend, but doesn’t mention in its article how Gomez is pregnant with Bieber’s baby. The same publication that now contends Gomez is “trying to steal” Theroux claimed just a few months ago that “Selena is pregnant and told Justin [Bieber]” during a trip to Laguna Beach. Much like the current story, the tabloid quoted a so-called Gomez “insider” as saying, “This is something they both want. Selena has always liked the idea of being a young mum” and she and Bieber are “super excited about the prospect of becoming parents.”

That whole story was a fabrication, and so is the latest tall tale. And while NW relies on unnamed, unreliable, and seemingly made-up Gomez sources, Gossip Cop quotes real people, who are in regular contact with her. When pressed about the assertion that Gomez is trying steal Aniston’s life and date Theroux, her rep, who rarely responds to these outrageous reports, told us on the record, “It’s ridiculous.”

Conclusion: Even though the tabloid alleges Gomez has “gone all Single White Female” on Aniston, by the singer’s own acknowledgment, she reveres the former “Friends” star and takes to heart her older pal’s “maternal advice.” Additionally, despite the magazine’s contention that Gomez and Theroux have been spending a lot of time together and their relationship is “progressing into something far more significant,” they’ve actually only been seen together (in a large group) once since “The Leftovers” star and Aniston split. Significantly, the outlet completely avoids how it previously swore up and down that Gomez was pregnant with Bieber’s baby. And while the publication would like everyone to believe it has a reputable and genuine “source,” who it cannot name or even describe, conversely a rep for Gomez went on the record to dispute the phony report. For those reasons, Gossip Cop is rating the article a 0 and calling it fiction.


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