Selena Gomez Betraying “Mentor” Jennifer Aniston With Justin Theroux Is Fake News

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Selena Gomez Betraying Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux

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Selena Gomez Betraying Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux

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Is Selena Gomez really “betraying” Jennifer Aniston by hanging out with Justin Theroux? That’s the latest fake news to emerge in the wake of the former couple’s breakup. A rep for Aniston confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop that this sensational narrative is bogus.

According to this ridiculous spin from the National Enquirer, Gomez is choosing “sides” as Aniston and Theroux’s “divorce turns bitter.” Even though Gomez has been been “mentored” by Aniston in the past, the supermarket tabloid points out that “isn’t keeping her from hanging out” with Theroux. The gossip magazine asserts Gomez, who is described as a “troubled pop diva,” was “caught” out with the actor on Sunday.

Of course, the use of the word “caught” implies Gomez and Theroux were trying to stay under the radar and were seen doing something inappropriate. In actuality, as many outlets noted, she and Theroux were photographed out in the open on a Manhattan street with a group of friends, including Paul Rudd. This platonic hangout is wrongly being portrayed as some kind of slight against Aniston.

But because the tabloid has no evidence to back that up, it refers to old, unsubstantiated claims about Aniston being upset by Theroux’s friendship with Gomez during their marriage and having a dispute over it. The publication specifically references a tale it published more than three years ago, in March of 2015, even though Gossip Cop busted it at the time (see below). The tabloid now claims that that dispute over Gomez, which we reported never actually happened, was a “tragic foreshadowing” of Aniston and Theroux’s “short-lived marriage.” Even still, it is not proof that the actress has now been “betrayed” by Gomez.

Notably, the magazine is actually leaving out pertinent information. As opposed to being seen on some kind of rendezvous, Gomez and Theroux’s time together was actually organized by their shared manager, Aleen Keshishian, who also manages Aniston. As seen on Keshishian’s Instagram page, the A-list rep gathered a bunch of her clients who were on the East Coast to see Billy Crudup, with whom she also works, in an off-Broadway play.

In other words, the outlet wants readers to believe Aniston has been wronged by Gomez because the singer-actress spent time with their mutual manager and a group of fellow clients, which happened to include her estranged husband. “It’s just so silly,” Aniston’s rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively. It is indeed, especially when you consider that she and Theroux still have a number of mutual friends, beyond Gomez and Keshishian.

Last month, for instance, Aniston and Theroux were both guests at a birthday party for Jimmy Kimmel’s son. No reputable publication suggested Aniston had been betrayed by Kimmel because he also invited Theroux to the bash. There’s no need for any of their pals to take “sides.” Contrary to the unsupported claim above, their divorce hasn’t been “bitter” but actually fairly amicable, which is why this is all a non-issue. As it is known to do, the National Enquirer is merely trying to stir up drama where there is none.

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