A webloid that has been caught repeatedly making up stories about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is now announcing that she is "crazy in love" after they recently reunited. This is fake news, just like the articles that came before it. Gossip Cop can expose this journalistic malpractice.

Since Gomez and Bieber's on-and-off relationship switched back to "on" earlier this month, HollywoodLife has been writing about the couple incessantly. Many of these reports, however, have been completely manufactured and even inaccurate. For instance, just days ago, the site claimed to have an "exclusive" about Gomez being "hopeful" Bieber would spend Thanksgiving with her and her family in Texas. The outlet even purported to know specific details about the pair hoping he would impress her relatives. Gossip Cop, however, exclusively learned that Bieber would not be spending the holiday with them.

That stunned the clueless blog, which on Friday posted, "Selena Gomez Looks Happier Than Ever Spending Thanksgiving With Family — But Where's Justin?" The Canadian crooner wasn't there, just like Gossip Cop said he wouldn't be. And now after flubbing that, the online publication actually wants readers to believe it has the "EXCLUSIVE that Sel's in 'love' and happy to be back with Biebs." A so-called "Selena insider" supposedly tells the webloid that she's "just so crazy in love with Justin," further saying, "As much as people around her are worried that she'll end up heartbroken all over again, it's hard not to be happy for her."

But if the site really has a "Selena insider," why didn't they know, as Gossip Cop did, that the pair wasn't spending Thanksgiving together? That's because we have real, legitimate sources while HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, seemingly does not. At the end of this purported "exclusive," after noting fans' obsession with tracking the couple on social media and sometimes writing hateful comments, the outlet chides, "Considering how much Selena is 'in love' with Justin, perhaps her fans could relax a bit?" Perhaps the blog should take its own advice. There's no reason to run all these made-up and/or untruthful stories day after day except to exploit fans' interest and gain traffic.

In this instance, it is true Gomez is happy to be reunited with her first love. But no one actually close to her is really telling HollywoodLies that. This is a publication Gomez has publicly called "the worst." No one is going to give scoop, positive or negative, to an outlet she understandably despises, and Gossip Cop has confirmed no one did. This is just more fake news from a site that shamefully trafficks in it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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