Selena Gomez Hoping To Spend Christmas With Justin Bieber Is Made-Up Story

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Selena Gomez Christmas Justin Bieber

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Selena Gomez Christmas Justin Bieber

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A new story that claims Selena Gomez is hoping to spend Christmas with her family and Justin Bieber is nothing more than a fabrication. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news. We’re told the report is “made-up” and wrong.

As Gossip Cop reported, HollywoodLife concocted an article last week about how Gomez was “hopeful” Bieber would celebrate Thanksgiving with her. We, of course, rightly noted they weren’t going to spend the holiday together. And when they didn’t, the site feebly tried to cover up its previously made-up report with one another about how Gomez wanted to spend time alone with her family in Texas. At the time, a rock solid Gomez insider assured Gossip Cop that Bieber was never invited and that Thanksgiving was always going to be a family-only occasion.

Almost pathetically, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies is attempting to peddle the same premise, but this time is substituting Christmas for Thanksgiving. In its new fabricated article, a so-called “source” is quoted as telling the outlet, “Selena is really hoping that Justin will spend Christmas with her and her family. The timing was not right for them to share Thanksgiving together, and Selena was a bit disappointed they were apart for the holiday.” The blog’s seemingly fake “insider” adds, “She missed him terribly over Thanksgiving, and Selena doesn’t want to spend another holiday apart.”

What’s more, the website’s questionable Gomez “source” further purports, “They are trying to be extra cautious and careful with things this time around in their relationship. Both Justin and Selena are trying to take things slowly because it is important to her that her family approves of things.” “They want to do things the right way and they both want to be very respectful of their families,” concludes HollywoodLies’ dubious “source.”

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight. Much like its slew of untrue Thanksgiving tales, this latest report from that site is equally phony. As we’ve repeatedly pointed out, no one remotely close to the star is feeding HollywoodLies with information about Gomez. Our impeccable insider, on the other hand, assures us, “Certainly no family reunions on a special day,” such as Christmas, will include Bieber.

Gossip Cop is further exclusively told that Gomez’s family members are “not comfortable being around [Bieber],” and while her relatives “pray he is in a better place,” they “wouldn’t take a chance of ruining Christmas” by having him around. Basically, HollywoodLife simply published another classic holiday lie.