Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber & Zedd Saga Made Up By HollywoodLife

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Selena-Gomez Scared Of Justin Bieber

By Daniel Gates |

Selena-Gomez Scared Of Justin Bieber

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HollywoodLife spent days telling anyone who would listen that Selena Gomez was dating Zedd. Then Gomez went out to dinner with Justin Bieber, and HollywoodLife panicked with a flurry of new made-up stories. All of this from the same embarrassing outlet that was convinced, just two weeks ago, that Gomez was in a romance with the random guy hired to show her friends around Abu Dhabi.

That story was made up. So was the HollywoodLife story last week about Gomez planning to “have a baby on her own.” And then came all of the breathless stories (literally 20 of them) pairing Gomez and Zedd, which HollywoodLife largely made up. And now, after Gomez and Bieber’s meal together, HollywoodLife is flooding the Internet with headlines designed to provoke but not inform.

On Friday came this gem: “Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Zedd ‘Very Upset’ Over Her Date With Ex.” HollywoodLife pretended to have a source so close to Zedd, he or she knew the music producer’s inner thoughts about Bieber and Gomez. Of course, just hours earlier, HollywoodLife was convinced Zedd and Gomez were in a new romantic relationship. So, um, how good could that source be?

Then there was this bogus headline: “Taylor Swift Totally Down On Selena Gomez For Justin Bieber Reunion.” It rehashed the discredited HollywoodLife theory that Swift and Gomez are constantly feuding about Bieber. It was made up before. It’s made up now. There was this beauty: “Justin Bieber Vs. Zedd: Who Should Selena Gomez Date?” Again, just HOURS earlier, HollywoodLife was saying Gomez and Zedd WERE dating. Now it was asking its visitors to play guessing games.

On Saturday, HollywoodLife claimed to know exclusively, “Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: How He Convinced Her To See Him.” A show time later: “Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Why She Was So Upset After Their Date.” Headline after headline, all designed to cover every possible angle of the story, with none of the stories supported by actual original reporting or good sources.

Something new will happen with Gomez or Bieber or Zedd this week. One of them will be pictured with another person, or will tweet something, or will post an Instagram shot, or will appear on a red carpet. And you can rest assured, HollywoodLife will have a dozen stories prepared about it, with lots of declarative, sensational headlines and theories. And it’s likely none of them will prove to be true, either. It’s time to hold these people accountable for the lies.


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