Selena Gomez ‘Committed’ To Taking Care Of Mental, Physical Health After Kidney Transplant Is Made-Up Story

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Selena Gomez Health

By Andrew Shuster |

Selena Gomez Health

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A new story promising “exclusive” details about how Selena Gomez is “committed” to taking care of her mental and physical health following her recent kidney transplant is entirely made-up. The singer is obviously concerned about her well-being, but Gossip Cop can confirm that a just published article on the subject is fabricated. The report was simply designed to exploit Gomez’s recent health issues.

As widely reported, Gomez recently completed a two-week treatment program for depression and anxiety, and now HollywoodLife is pretending to have an “exclusive” follow-up on her condition. The often untrustworthy site alleges that one of the reasons the singer checked into rehab is because she’s been more focused on her health following the kidney transplant she received last year.

A seemingly phony source is quoted as saying, “Selena takes her emotional and mental health as seriously as her physical, so as soon as she started feeling down she immediately sought treatment.” This might very well be true, but there’s no “insider” feeding this information to HollywoodLies, as it’s been nicknamed.

The alleged tipster adds, “It’s pretty common for people to suffer some level of post-transplant depression after undergoing a major operation… she was warned by doctors that she could experience depression, anxiety and irritability.” These psychological disorders can in fact occur following a transplant, but such information can be found on WebMD. No one close to Gomez spilled this common knowledge to the blog. Actually, it appears some of the phrases used by HollywoodLies were copied word-for-word from various medical sites.

Regardless, Gossip Cop is exclusively assured that no one close to Gomez is speaking to that blog about her health. In the past, however, the singer’s mom Mandy Teefey gave us some actual information about her daughter’s well-being. Teefey told us Gomez is “taking such great care of herself,” but her “lupus causes anxiety and mood swings,” as does “stress and meds and being in the public eye.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that the repeated discredited HollywoodLies has falsely claimed to have “exclusive” insight into the singer’s health. Gossip Cop recently called out the blog for pretending to know Justin Bieber’s reaction to Gomez checking into a treatment facility. The outlet has also made up many additional stories offering fabricated details about Gomez’s relationship with both her boyfriend and her mom.

Gomez has dealt with various health issues for years, and HollywoodLife has a habit of capitalizing on her physical and mental condition. But Gossip Cop can confirm that the outlet, which the singer once referred to as “the worst,” has no exclusive knowledge about her personal life.

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