HollywoodLife Crops Pic For Fake Selena Gomez, Harith Bukhash Dating Rumor

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Selena Gomez Harith Bukhash

By Daniel Gates |

Selena Gomez Harith Bukhash


HollywoodLife has spread lies and bogus speculation about Selena Gomez for a long time, and now the site is cropping photographs to make it seem like she has a new boyfriend. According to the webloid, Gomez may have found a “new love interest” in Dubai, “where handsome businessman Harith Bukhash has been treating her ‘like a princess.'” HollywoodLife wonders if the two are “dating” and asks readers whether it’s “the start of an exciting new love affair.”

The site’s source says of Gomez, “She is having the best time of her life in Dubai. She really bonded with Harith. He has helped show Selena how she really deserves to be treated, like a princess. Plus, he makes her laugh and that’s all they have been doing while in Dubai, laughing and having fun!”

That’s Bukhash’s job. He works for an agency that connects brands and celebrities, and when famous people travel to the region Bukhash entertains them. He treats everyone like princes and princesses. It’s called business. HollywoodLife doesn’t care, because it has rumors to spread.

“We love this!” declares the site. “After years of high highs and some very low lows with Justin Bieber, it sounds like Selena is finally realizing what an amazing treasure she truly is — and it’s all thanks to Harith! So do these two have a future together or what?!”

This is so, so lame, almost too lame to bust, since it’s so clearly an attempt by HollywoodLife to make something out of nothing. But Gossip Cop will simply point out that HollywoodLife deliberately cropped a photo to make it seem as though Gomez and Bukhash have a romantic connection.

The actual photo Bukhash posted to Instagram (see below), shows him hanging out with a group, not just Gomez. He wrote, “With my favourite @bukhashbrothers friends… #desert #bukhashbrothers #bbq #selenagomez #shaymitchel #mydubai.” Compare that to the HollywoodLife version, in which it’s made to seem like Bukhash and Gomez are a couple. Pathetic.

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