Selena Gomez Did NOT Comment On Miley Cyrus’ Halloween Costume, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Halloween Miley Cyrus

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Halloween Miley Cyrus


Selena Gomez has not commented on Miley Cyrus’ Halloween costume, despite a wholly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively call out a webloid for making up this claim. We’re told it’s just “BS… much like the same.”

According to HollywoodLife, Gomez allegedly called Cyrus’ Cinderella costume “disrepectful” because she accessorized it with a joint, and the caption, “Cindersmelly high as hell and her bra strap showin.” Basically, the fake premise behind the manufactured report is that they both began their careers with Disney, and Cyrus is insulting the kid-friendly studio with her X-rated behavior.

But Gossip Cop is told Gomez has absolutely not voiced an opinion one way or the other about the costume worn by Cyrus, who long ago abandoned the squeaky clean image of Disney. That said, HollywoodLies’ so-called “source” conveniently states in perfect soundbites exactly what the webloid had sought when manufacturing this supposed Halloween feud.

For examples, the alleged “source” says in rather unnatural language, “Selena thinks it’s completely disrespectful to Disney. After all, it was them who gave Miley her first big break, and Selena would never do something so rude.” The same seemingly fictious “source” adds, “Selena thinks Miley Cyrus’ recent posts of her wearing a Cinderella outfit while smoking a blunt are in very poor taste.”

Isn’t it amazing how the “source” used sentences to precisely illustrate what the webloid had set out to claim? It’s equally amazing the “source” always remembered to use Gomez and Cyrus’ names, and never once referred to them as “she” or “her.”

Well, it’s actually less amazing after a Gomez insider tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the singer did not comment at all about Cyrus’ costume, and expressed that the webloid’s tale was “BS… much like the same” as previous HollywoodLife stories about her. Of course, Gomez recently told Billboard, “HollywoodLife is the worst.” Some also told her followers on Instagram a little more than a year ago, “HollywoodLife is never true. Ever.”

Suffice to say, no true “source” or friend would really leak Gomez’s inner thoughts or secrets to HollywoodLies.

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Selena Gomez commented on Miley Cyrus’ Halloween costume.


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