Selena Gomez NOT Feuding With Hailey Baldwin Over Justin Bieber, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Hailey Baldwin Feud Justin Bieber

By Andrew Shuster |

Selena Gomez Hailey Baldwin Feud Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez has NOT “declared war” on Hailey Baldwin, despite another misguided report that claims the two are wrapped up in a turbulent love triangle with Justin Bieber. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story. A source close to the situation tells us it’s “not true.”

According to Life & Style, Gomez went “ballistic” after discovering her ex-boyfriend allegedly got “cozy” with Baldwin on a recent trip to Miami. The tabloid has a so-called “insider” allege, “Selena sent [Baldwin] hateful texts, ordered friends to cut her off and texted Justin not to hang out with her.” The magazine then claims Baldwin’s up for the fight and quotes another supposed “source” as saying, “Hailey is making sure Selena knows Justin is hers. She’s a strong girl and won’t hesitate to fire back if Selena keeps provoking her.”

This is all very dramatic, but entirely untrue. As Gossip Cop has previously reported, Baldwin and Bieber are close friends, but they are not a couple.

Remember, this is all coming from Life & Style, a magazine that Gossip Cop corrected for horrendously fabricating a story that claimed Gomez was pregnant and miscarried Bieber’s baby. And just last week, Gossip Cop exclusively busted the tabloid for falsely reporting that Gomez was writing a tell-all book. Like those stories, we’re told by a source close to the situation that the latest claim about Gomez and Baldwin being at “war” is also “not true.”


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