Selena Gomez NOT Attending Grammys, Despite Rumors Made Up By HollywoodLife

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Selena Gomez Grammy

By Daniel Gates |

Selena Gomez Grammy


Selena Gomez is NOT attending this weekend’s Grammys. She was never attending the Grammys. It has nothing to do with whether Justin Bieber attends the Grammys. HollywoodLife made up the story that Gomez would “bail” on going to the Grammys if Bieber showed up to cover itself after making up a story about Gomez and Zedd allegedly making their romance official at the event.

HollywoodLife makes up lots of stuff, because HollywoodLife’s “sources” often seem to be imaginary. In this case, some random person told the outlet “exclusively” that Gomez will “be trying to avoid Justin at the Grammys. If he goes she’ll bail — she’s not looking for any drama.”

On Friday, HollywoodLife also speculated about a potential “awkward run-in” between Gomez and Miley Cyrus at the Grammys because of their “7-year-feud over mutual ex-boyfriend” Nick Jonas. “With Miley, Selena and Nick all under the same roof, this could be a recipe for disaster!” shrieks HollywoodLife, seemingly giddy over the potential for a showdown.

We hate to break it to HollywoodLife: None of this is happening. There will be no run-in with Cyrus. There will be no run-in with Bieber. There will be no grand public outing with Zedd. An actual, real human being source close to Gomez tells Gossip Cop, “She will not be attending.” In other words, all of these webloid stories were, once again, made-up filler.

HollywoodLife is an outlet that spreads lies, a point already made by Gomez herself, who wrote, “HollywoodLife is never true. Ever.” Some recent examples of lies that HollywoodLife has spread about Gomez include a phony “exclusive” Gomez “reaction” to Bieber’s appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and a bogus “exclusive” about how “terrified” Gomez was of being dissed at Bieber’s upcoming Comedy Central roast. Basically, whenever there’s a bit of news about Bieber or Cyrus or anyone else, HollywoodLife makes up a Gomez angle and then slaps “exclusive” on it. None of the stories ever come true, because HollywoodLife is a site that spreads lies.


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