Selena Gomez NOT Going To Grammys; HollywoodLife Flip-Flops On Zedd “Date”

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Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

By Daniel Gates |

Selena Gomez HollywoodLife


After Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLife for making up a story about Selena Gomez and Zedd making their public debut as a couple at Sunday’s Grammy Awards by pointing out the Gomez is not going to the Grammys, HollywoodLife flip-flopped and posted a bogus “exclusive” pretending it had the right story all along. HollywoodLife is the worst.

As we mentioned before, HollywoodLife spent the week inventing sensational rumors about Gomez and the Grammys. There was the WRONG allegation that she and Miley Cyrus were set for a showdown over Nick Jonas (um, what?), the FALSE report that she and Zedd would have a Grammys “date” (nope), and then the MADE-UP reversal about how Gomez would “bail” on the show if Justin Bieber attended.

Shortly after Gossip Cop reported that Gomez would not be going to the Grammys, and had never planned to go to the Grammys, HollywoodLife panicked and posted its latest “exclusive.”

“Zedd asked Selena to go and she said yes, but her [The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving] shoot schedule has gotten in the way,” a phony “source” told the outlet. “They were trying to work it out so she could get a little time off to go, but it depended on how many scenes she got through. Unfortunately, she isn’t going to the Grammys.”

Isn’t it weird how HollywoodLife “exclusively” learned Gomez would not be attending the Grammys immediately after Gossip Cop said it? And after several HollywoodLife stories that made no mention of Gomez’s filming schedule interfering with the Grammys? Really weird. Almost feels as though HollywoodLife got caught spreading lies and then stole from Gossip Cop again.


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