Selena Gomez NOT “Ready To Meet Future Husband” After Justin Bieber Split, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Boyfriend Love

By Holly Nicol |

Selena Gomez Boyfriend Love

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A new story claiming Selena Gomez wants to “fall in love” and “meet her future husband” is completely made-up. HollywoodLife, a website known for its fabricated articles, is pretending to know how the singer feels following her split from Justin Bieber. But it’s apparent no one close to the star is feeding information about her to the unreliable outlet. Credible publications have already reported Gomez does not want a serious romance right now.

According to the website, however, Gomez is “ready to find the man of her dreams,” though she’s “aware it will be challenging.” An alleged “source” is quoted as telling the online publication, “She knows that it’s very hard to date with the celebrity she brings to the situation, but she is also all about dating and definitely wants to fall in love.” The purported “insider” further maintains, “She hasn’t really been alone the last few years and she is interested in finding someone that will eventually be her husband and be the father of her children.”

Additionally, the site’s questionable “source close to the singer” goes on to contend, “She wants to be a mom, she wants the wedding and she wants the white picket fence someday,” before adding that she has a “new lease on life” following a kidney transplant last summer. And to conclude its tall tale, HollywoodLife’s conveniently unnamed and untraceable tipster vaguely claims, “She hopes she finds the right guy to have a great life together.”

But HollywoodLies, as it’s known, has got it all wrong. While it’s logical to assume Gomez wants to fall in love and eventually start a family, the claims presented aren’t actually correct for where the singer-actress currently is in her life. It was recently reported by “Entertainment Tonight” that in the wake of her split from Bieber, Gomez’s “focus right now is herself… Selena doesn’t have it in her to be in a serious relationship.” Furthermore, E! Online has reported that while Gomez has moved on from Bieber and is “open to dating,” she’s “learning to appreciate the single life.”

That means, contrary to HollywoodLies’ manufactured narrative, finding a “husband” isn’t on the star’s agenda right now. In fact, Gossip Cop already reported this when we busted the outlet for falsely alleging Bieber and Gomez’s rekindled romance ended because he “couldn’t promise her marriage.” Much like that bogus piece, this latest tale is equally off-base. Once again, HollywoodLife is proving exactly why Gomez called the website the “worst” in an interview with Billboard.


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