Selena Gomez Asks “Does Your Penis Work?” In ‘Fundamentals Of Caring’ Movie – Watch

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Selena Gomez Fundamentals Of Caring Movie Clip

By Andrew Shuster |


Selena Gomez has a very personal question for Craig Roberts about his penis in a new clip from the upcoming comedy/drama The Fundamentals Of Caring. Watch the scene below!

In the Netflix movie, Roberts plays a foul-mouthed, wise-cracking teenager who’s suffering from muscular dystrophy and confined to a wheelchair. After a retired writer (Paul Rudd) becomes his new caregiver, the two embark on an impromptu road trip, during which they pick up a sassy runaway (Gomez) who joins them on their cross-country adventures.

In a newly-released clip from the film, Gomez’s character first encounters the handicapped teen in a diner and becomes quite interested in his condition, which she says “f*cking blows.” First, she asks “Does it hurt?” and “Does it affect your brains?” but pries even deeper by asking, “Does your penis work?” Uncomfortable with the line of questioning, Rudd’s character cuts her off and suggests they order the restaurant’s “really good” waffles. When Roberts responds, “Yeah,” Gomez follows-up, “Yeah the waffles are good, or yeah your penis works?” The disabled teen clarifies, “The waffles suck.”

The Fundamentals Of Caring, which was a big hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, will be available to stream June 24 on Netflix. Watch a new clip from the film below!


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