Selena Gomez Pals Want Justin Bieber “Back To Being An Ex”?

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Selena Gomez Friends Justin Bieber ex

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Friends Justin Bieber ex

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Selena Gomez’s pals want Justin Bieber to go “back to being an ex,” according to a tabloid story that actually alleges their renewed relationship could kill her. This extreme report does not resemble the truth. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

The National Enquirer contends on its website, “Justin Bieber certainly wasn’t ‘Sorry’ when Selena Gomez broke things off with pop star The Weeknd so he could swoop back in — but her friends were!” One so-called “friend” is quoted as saying, “Selena getting back together with Justin is a total disaster!” Nothing is said about how it’s supposedly a “disaster” already, and Gossip Cop questions the legitimacy of any pal that would be talking to the supermarket tabloid.

The gossip magazine goes on to allege “insiders are convinced that the Biebs’ booze-filled bad behavior are sure to create a deadly cocktail for 25-year-old Selena.” Yes, the outlet is actually claiming Gomez could end up dead because of Bieber. Nowhere does the publication acknowledge that his “booze-filled bad behavior” ended more than two years ago. Yet the supposed source contends, “This is a guy who’s been a terrible influence on her for years, and the last thing she needs is to get sucked back under his spell!”

The tabloid tries to connect the purported danger risk of the singer-actress’ reunion with Bieber to her health woes this summer. It’s worth remembering, then, that this is the same magazine that outrageously and falsely accused Gomez of jumping the kidney transplant list thanks to her celebrity status when she actually received a private donation from a friend. This is also the same outlet that last May made up a Gomez “pregnancy horror” and also predicted she’d be a celebrity to die an early death. There’s clearly a lack of taste and a lack of credibility here.

Like with most on-and-of couples, Gossip Cop hears that Gomez and Bieber’s friends have been a bit skeptical of them once again reuniting. But, at the end of the day, they make each other happy, and that’s what their loved ones want. No one is actually concerned their revived romance will lead to death and it’s completely beyond the pale for any outlet, but especially this one with its sordid history, to wrongly claim so.

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