Is Selena Gomez flaunting her romance with The Weeknd just to hurt Bella Hadid? That's the premise of a mean-spirited story published on Monday. Gossip Cop can reveal what's really going on.

"The Ex Files: Selena Gomez Rubs Romance With The Weeknd In Bella Hadid's Face," reads the headline of a purported "exclusive" from RadarOnline. According to the article, "Selena Gomez can't quit goading her arch-nemesis and love rival, Bella Hadid, by flaunting her controversial romance with the model's ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd, at every opportunity she can get!"

A so-called "source" claims to the site, "Selena is still hugely paranoid he still has feelings for Bella, so she wants to grind her into the dirt while the going's good." The webloid alleges that's why Gomez "couldn't help flaunting her new relationship with 27-year-old The Weeknd, also known as Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, when they took off on a very public and romantic trip to Venice, Italy."

"She figures that by rubbing Bella's face in it and sending the message loud and clear that they're together and in love, she'll ruin any chance of them reuniting down the line," contends the supposed source. "Selena insists she loves The Weeknd, but everyone knows the guy's being used. She just wants to be back in the spotlight and hates being alone."

Well, this article is just cruel to everyone, now isn't it? It's also a twisted view of what's actually going on. Gomez is not intentionally trying to hurt Hadid by going about her life with The Weeknd. The couple taking a trip together has nothing to do with the model, just as Gomez's public outings with former boyfriend Justin Bieber had nothing to do with anyone else.

Typically, when you date someone, you go out together. It's as simple as that. But the gossip media rather perpetuate a love triangle narrative. But Hadid is not Gomez's "arch-nemesis," and never has been, and Gossip Cop is assured Gomez is not purposefully flaunting her relationship just to hurt her.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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