Selena Gomez “Fantasized” About Justin Bieber For V Shoot, Claims HollywoodLife

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Selena Gomez fantasized Justin Bieber

By Daniel Gates |

Selena Gomez fantasized Justin Bieber

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HollywoodLife, a site that makes money by spreading lies and stealing exclusives, now claims to be able to read Selena Gomez’s mind. According to the webloid, Gomez “fantasized about Justin Bieber” during her V magazine photo shoot. It’s amazing that HollywoodLife could know this, since it’s gotten virtually everything about Gomez and her personal life wrong for years.

It’s too tedious to go back and list all the lies HollywoodLife has told about Gomez. Gossip Cop has extensive archives cataloging the webloid’s fake “reporting.” Feel free to search. But it’s especially interesting that HollywoodLife’s sources claim to know what’s going on in Gomez’s mind when Gomez herself has publicly called out HollywoodLife for lying about her.

A made-up “insider” tells HollywoodLife, “Selena Gomez likely had to be hosed down after her sexy ‘V Magazine’ photo shoot because she fantasized about Justin the entire time.” The phony “source” explains, “Selena did the V Magazine photo shoot in December and Justin was still the only thing on her mind. She was thinking about Justin when she was posing — she was trying to look as sexy as possible and he’s the guy that brings that out in her. Especially when she did this shoot.”

Obviously, HollywoodLife is making up this entire story. The site doesn’t have insiders, it has fabricators. And the site doesn’t know what Gomez is thinking, because if the site did know what Gomez is thinking, it would have a pretty good track record with her, instead of being SO WRONG SO OFTEN the usually laid-back Gomez was forced to slam them.

Earlier this week, when HollywoodLife tweeted, “Selena Gomez has completely moved on from Justin Bieber,” Gossip Cop joked, “We look forward to your next 50 made-up stories saying the opposite.” Sure enough, HollywoodLife did just that. First comes this story, which invents the “fantasy” that was allegedly in Gomez’s head when she posed for a magazine back in December. Next will come a story fabricating more drama among Gomez, Bieber and Zedd. There will be HollywoodLife stories about how Gomez is back in love with Bieber. There will be HollywoodLife stories in which the webloid pretends to know what everyone is thinking. And thousands of fans will gobble up the rumors as though they didn’t just come from HollywoodLife’s imagination.

Want to know why legitimate outlets like, say, People or Entertainment Weekly, never link to HollywoodLife’s “exclusives”? Because they’re not exclusives. Isn’t it weird how hundreds and hundreds of HollywoodLife exclusives wound up spread among thousands of fans but NOT picked up by places with actual reporters?

Help stop this insanity. HollywoodLife and other garbage purveyors should be held accountable for putting “news” and “exclusive” on 100 percent made-up trash. Gossip Cop doesn’t pretend to know what Gomez is thinking. We report on what’s actually happening. When we sent this latest HollywoodLife story to someone close to Gomez, it was laughed at. That’s the right response to a joke.


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