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HollywoodLife is still trying to make readers think it has "exclusive" information about Selena Gomez's relationship with The Weeknd. Gossip Cop, however, can confirm that's still untrue.

For the last six months, the fabrication factory has been churning out fake news about the couple on a regular basis. It started immediately after the news of their relationship broke in January, with HollywoodLies (as it's been nicknamed) peddling five "exclusive" stories about Gomez and The Weeknd in a four-hour span. The webloid pretended to magically have insight into the couple's romance, despite not even knowing the day before that they were even a couple.

And since then, the site has continued to pass itself off as a news resource for fans interested in following the couple's relationship. But these pieces are the work of creative writing, not reporting. The latest example is titled, "Selena Gomez Eager For 'Explosive' Reunion With The Weeknd After Tough Time Apart." The article is filled with obvious statements about the pair being separated due to their respective music careers, but also quotes a "source in the industry" as saying how their "reunions are always explosive."

Why or how would a music industry "source" know Gomez and The Weeknd's reunions are "explosive"? The outlet's purported snitch goes on to state, "Abel really turns Selena on and she gets giddy just thinking about spending another night with him." Yes, Gomez is most definitely telling a "source in the industry" how she's turned on and can't wait to sleep with her boyfriend. And that "source" is turning around and telling HollywoodLies, the publication that the singer-actress famously called "the worst" in an interview with Billboard. Sure.

The webloid tried peddling a similar tale a few days before this one, exclaiming, "The Weeknd & Selena Gomez 'Miss Each Other Like Crazy': Keeping Romance Hot With Texts & Videos." In that piece, the site claimed to know about the "sexy texts and video sessions" they shared, and even quoted a "source close to Selena" as saying, "He recently bought her some beautiful lingerie." Right, because a real "source" close to Gomez would really tell any publication, much less HollywoodLies, about her boyfriend buying her lingerie.

The outlet didn't even bother to differently illustrate its pieces, which amount to little more than chapters in a fan-fiction narrative. Nor do the photos or video they slap into their seemingly made-up tales serve as proof of their claims (see screengrabs below). It feels as if the re-used video and photos are just hastily put into their (unrelated) articles as an efficient method for quickly posting more falsehoods.

Gossip Cop has also pointed out how the online publication has been running a number of suspicious stories lately about the sex lives of celebrities, most recently claiming to have "exclusive details" about how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having the "best sex of their lives." Gossip Cop doesn't know whether to laugh over HollywoodLies wanting people to believe it has such information, or be concerned about the serial fabricators' suffering from serious delusions.

In any case, Gossip Cop is assured no one legitimately connected to Gomez and The Weeknd is dishing about "explosive reunions" or "sexy texts and video sessions." It's long past time HollywoodLies find a new beat or start labeling its posts fiction once and for all.





Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


Debunking This Week's Tabloids: July 10, 2020