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Selena Gomez is not having a "drug relapse," despite a report about her recent decision to seek treatment for depression and anxiety. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story. We're told it's "not even close to true."

On Thursday, it was revealed that Gomez spent the last two weeks in treatment at a facility in New York City. As she received counseling for depression and anxiety, issues she has struggled with before, she was allowed to leave the center to fulfill professional obligations. Now the singer-actress is back in Los Angeles.

A number of reputable outlets confirmed these details and reported on how well Gomez is feeling now. And then there's RadarOnline, which is blaring in a headline, "Selena's Hell! Gomez Goes To Rehab As Friends Fear Another Drug Relapse." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Selena's inner circle is afraid she is back on drugs and racing toward a breakdown."

Though Gomez had not been seen partying over the last month, the website claims "the singer's party lifestyle was enabled by her boyfriend," Justin Bieber. And though Gomez has the financial means to support herself, the blog's supposed source alleges Bieber is "covering her security and transportation," which "has led to some pretty heavy partying... even for her." Gossip Cop isn't sure how footing the bill for security and transportation would lead to "heavy partying."

From there, the purported tipster alleges that amidst this, "Selena changed her number again in an effort to avoid" her mom, Mandy Teefey, who supposedly now has to communicate with Gomez "through Justin and his mother." But like all of the contentions here, that claim is false. "She hasn't changed her number," Gossip Cop is exclusively told by an impeccable contact, who wasn't authorized to speak on the record. Additionally, when Teefey recently responded to a number of our questions, she noted she hadn't spoken to Bieber in years.

More importantly, Gomez's recent counseling had nothing to do with drugs, just like it hasn't in the past. For example, in 2016 People reported that Gomez's break then was "absolutely not related to alcohol or substance abuse." And, for argument's sake, if it was drug-related now, she likely wouldn't have been permitted to leave the facility for outside obligations.

The truth is that the star has dealt with mental health issues for years, largely related to her battle with lupus. After undergoing a kidney transplant this past summer, on top of family woes, Gomez decided to get some professional help for assistance processing everything. As The Blast, which broke the news, put it, she sought a "tune-up," and may even return later this year. The sensational RadarOnline version of events, Gossip Cop is told by a source on the condition of anonymity, is "not even close to true."

Shamefully, a few sites are now running with the online publication's claims without any fact-checking. The Inquisitr is declaring in a headline, "Selena Gomez Returns From Rehab After Alleged Drug Relapse From Partying 'Enabled' By Justin Bieber." And Celebrity Insider is announcing, "Latest Reports Suggest That Selena Gomez's Treatment For Depression Was Caused By A Drug Relapse From Partying - Fans Blame Justin Bieber For Her Visit To Rehab."

For the record, Gomez was helped by Bieber during this time, not hurt, as The Blast also reported. It's disturbing how quickly the internet can become flooded with twisted misinformation, particularly on such serious matters. Gossip Cop urges readers to always consider the original outlet when evaluating purported news reports like this. RadarOnline, which was wrong about Bieber proposing to Gomez over Christmas, clearly does not have the best Gomez sources.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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