HollywoodLife Does Pathetic Flip-Flop After Getting Busted For Fake Selena Gomez “Dating” Harith Bukhash Story

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Selena Gomez Harith Bukhash

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Harith Bukhash

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Two days after making up a story out of thin air that Selena Gomez was possibly “dating” Dubai businessman Harith Bukhash, the serial fabricators (and amnesiacs) at HollywoodLife have the audacity to come back after Gossip Cop already debunked their lying report, to now say they “aren’t dating.” Let’s recap before going on: HollywooodLife makes up a completely untrue story to seemingly get traffic and have other equally gullible sites link to their fantastical tales, Gossip Cop then corrects them (again), and then the webloid follows up with a new bogus “exclusive” about how the rumor, which they started, is not true.

OK, now that we understand HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife’s modus operandi, why don’t we examine the site’s new manufactured report. First off, HollywoodLife titled its latest reversal, “Selena Gomez Dating Harith Buckshaw? — The Truth” [emphasis supplied]. So, not only does the blog make up stories, but it also apparently makes up the names of the subjects of its stories. The businessman HollywoodLife originally tried to link Gomez to is a man from Dubai named “Bukhash,” not some gin-and-tonic swilling, plaid pants, penny loafer-wearing golf enthusiast named “Buckshaw.” Sadly, that’s not the least of the site’s offenses.

In HollywoodLife’s first story, which claimed Gomez and Bukhash were “dating,” the blog cropped a photo to make it appear that the two were alone, and not with a big group, which they were. The site then said Gomez really “bonded” with Bukhash and that her possible “new love interest” was treating her “like a princess.” The webloid then wrote, “After years of high highs and some very low lows with Justin Bieber, it sounds like Selena is finally realizing what an amazing treasure she truly is — and it’s all thanks to Harith!” Of course, what HollywoodLife neglects to note is that Bukhash’s company connects brands and celebrities, and when stars are in his part of the world, he treats all his clients like princes and princesses.

Curiously, hours after Gossip Cop exposed HollywoodLife for making up yet another entirely fake story, the blog came back with a story that (it falsely) claimed was an exclusive, in which it stated Gomez and Bukhash “didn’t hook up, and they aren’t dating.” Wait, no other outlets ever said they were “dating” until HollywoodLife made up its first story, and now the site’s flip-flopping, without acknowledging its original lie, to say they’re “aren’t dating”? (See screenshots below of HollywoodLife’s contradictory stories.)

Of course, we’re not the only ones to point out the webloid’s lies. Not long ago, Gomez took to social media to slam the site, writing, “Hollywood life is never true. Ever.” We had hoped the new year would bring a desire from the blog to report accurately, but sadly this pattern by HollywoodLife of fabricating stories, getting busted by Gossip Cop, and then doing 180 degree reversals, seems to be continuing with increased vigor in 2015.

Selena Gomez Dating Harith Bukhash


Selena Gomez Not Dating Harith Bukhash



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