Selena Gomez Dating: 5 Wrong Boyfriend Rumors

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selena gomez dating rumors

By Jesse Spero |

selena gomez dating rumors

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Selena Gomez was wrongly linked to Orlando Bloom again after the two hung out on Friday in a nightclub in Las Vegas following the opening night of her Revival Tour. As Gossip Cop noted earlier on Tuesday, the two are just friends, and he is most assuredly not her boyfriend. But it’s hardly the first time Gomez has been romantically tied to someone whom she’s not dating. Now, Gossip Cop takes a look at five other false reports about Gomez’s love life.

In March, Gossip Cop debunked an inaccurate claim from Us Weekly that Gomez was “hooking up” with Charlie Puth. The tabloid inaccurately reported the two singers were getting close prior to heading out on tour together. The reality, as Gossip Cop pointed out, is that Gomez and Puth are “friends.”

That same month, we also busted OK! for incorrectly linking Gomez to Wiz Khalifa. The tabloid wrongly claimed the musicians, who were working on a song together, were “doing more than talking about music during their recording breaks.” The magazine further alleged Gomez and Khalifa were “fooling around” in the recording studio. But, as Gossip Cop accurately reported, the romance rumor was “total BS.”

In February, we exposed HollywoodLife for a number of tall tales linking Gomez to Niall Horan. After publishing a slew of fabricated stories about her supposed relationship with Horan, the webloid later claimed Gomez and the One Direction had split up. Of course, as Gossip Cop noted, Gomez and Horan didn’t break up because they “never” were a couple.

After the Golden Globes in January, the National Enquirer published an absurd story that claimed Gomez had a “flirt fest” with Brad Pitt at one of the parties following the awards, and was even jokingly calling the actor her “future husband.” Gossip Cop shot down the claim, with a source assuring us the report was complete “nonsense.”

In January, the repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife posted a yarn alleging Gomez was “crushing” on Seth Rogen in order to get back at Justin Bieber. The webloid ridiculously claimed Gomez had the “hots” for Rogen, who has famously dissed Bieber over the years. The real story that HollywoodLies twisted was that Gomez was just promoting Rogen’s movie, Neighbors 2, in which she has a small role.

Until Gossip Cop confirms who Gomez is dating, consider all the tabloid tales to be nothing more than rumors.

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